Crazy Michael Jackson Rumor of the Day: Paris, Prince and Blanket Want Janet Jackson to Raise Them

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Just when you think OK! Magazine cannot lower the celebrity gossip bar any further, then come out with a new cover that proves you wrong. Kudos, guys.

While Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, was named guardian of the three children of the late singer in his will, it’s Michael’s sister Janet Jackson who has emerged in the eyes of many as their favored caregiver.

“All three want Janet Jackson to read to them at night,” a Jackson family friend says. “They just melt into her arms when she walks into the house.”

So much so, the magazine reports, that adorable Prince and Paris Jackson, 12 and 11, plus little Blanket, 7, have reached out to Janet and said ...

Be Our Mommy!

“Janet has completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks,” the friend continues. “She has been the rock for [Paris, Prince and Blanket]."

"It’s clear to everyone that they are looking to her for comfort and guidance.”

It's clear to everyone? Really? No one's doubting Janet Jackson is probably an awesome aunt, but do the kids even know her? Do they love Katherine less?

We also enjoy the trumping up of Debbie Rowe and her role in all this, as if she is trying to break up the family. While that would be good drama, it's untrue.

One semi-legitimate point raised is that at 79, caring for three kids might be too much for Katherine Jackson, a problem eased by Janet Jackson’s presence.

“Janet is not only willing to raise those children, she is also the only relative of Michael's who really knows how to protect them,” an insider tells OK!.

“Janet knows the value of a private life and knows how to keep her personal life out of the news. She is determined to do that for Michael’s children. She says that he would want no less for them, pointing out how far he went to shelter them.”

It does sound nice. But just in case you forgot the publication that is reporting this, here's a look back at their previous two Michael Jackson covers ...

100 Million or the Kids!
Michael Jackson OK! Cover

michael, placed his mother for reasons we don't know and diana ross next NOT janet! follow the will.


Hey charlie....dude you seriously think by posting comments you can get paris's number....if you really want her to star in you movie or whatever then you should probably focus on becoming a director know what i dont even think thats what you really want...i think you just a sad sad boy who has a crush on someone you could never meet...hahahaha..... P/s : Michael Jackson rules!!....and prince, paris and blanket are awesomely cute....if any of them decided to take in their father's ready to be your number one fan....i will forever be the jackson's loyal fan....


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o yeah paris me and you have something in common because i want to be a fashion designer too!


hi,janet i just wanted to say if i was one of his kids i would definetly want you to be my guardian


Dude leave the kid alone shes going through so much and u want to bother her??? I dont think being in public would be great for her. If you were smart, you would leave ALL micheal's kids alone and find someone else to be in ur film or movie.
No One


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