Crazy Michael Jackson Rumor of the Day: Paris, Prince and Blanket Want Janet Jackson to Raise Them

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Just when you think OK! Magazine cannot lower the celebrity gossip bar any further, then come out with a new cover that proves you wrong. Kudos, guys.

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    mann i really miss michael so much im going crazy!! i cry and cry all the time,!im 13 and miss m.j. so muchh!!,,i miss you!!


    hi prince i am very sad for your father i miss your father he was very cool


    blanket is soooooooo cute.
    i feel bad for all his kids i think evryone should leave his family alone.
    they are just kids they diddnt ask 4 this and they dont deserve it either. if the kids want to stay with janet then i think they should.
    but it is not up to me or anybody else.


    k hey so wats up?? all right so i think its cool tht you all have a crush on Prince but seriously if youre gonna have nasty thoughts keep emm to yourself cause no one rly cares and if prince ever goes and looks at what you said and stuff hes gonna run away and scream if he ever sees you i saw some videos bout him on youtube and tht is just disturbing and wrong... so ya:)
    Michael Jackson foreverrrr


    charlie u seiriously need to focus on somthing else
    and leave the poor girl alone
    even if someone did know about paris they wouldent tell this website
    but i do agree on one thing u do need help
    but i admire ur loyalty


    creo que prince es tan guapo y se ve que es un gran chico paris es muy linda y creo que es muy inteligente blanquet es tan lindo parese un angelito pero nadie se compara con prince michael 1 el es el mas guapo del mundo lo amo si algun dia leen mi comentario me gustaria que me conntactaran


    your my best friends


    dear none of your buisness,
    the last thing you said is so TRUE!!!
    PS Charllie, i know u tink dat paris is hot, but she is goin tru a hard time right now so she needs some space.
    love from,
    a pretty girl.
    p/s; ireland says hello.


    i have a little crush paris.but charlie she lost her dad u shouldn't be wrting those things what if paris saw that u think she'd lik u.i am only older tha her by 3 months and a day jan. 2 is my b day. hope that they will get through with all there aunts and uncles,cousins,grandparentse tc.


    i just want to say may god help the jackson family.i dont blame if they dont want to see this is it. but his kids want to see it though.i hope to meet them one day.

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