Omer Bhatti: Secret Son of Michael Jackson?

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While this rumor is supposedly not entirely new, and we do not really believe it, we're The Hollywood Gossip, so if we don't tell you when we hear about Michael Jackson supposedly having a secret son, then we're just slacking off.

Omer Bhatti is this person's name. This is a picture of him:

Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe, Prince Michael, Paris

Omer Bhatti in his early 20s and hails from Norway.

He has "been close" (according to some soures) with the pop star since the mid-90s, when he began touring with him and living on and off at Neverland Ranch.

While Michael Jackson supposedly told people that Omer Bhatti is his son (the result of a one-night-stand with a Norwegian fan), others claim he just calls him that, and they met only after he wowed M.J. with an impression of the singer.

That would certainly be ironic, since some reports have suggested that Arnold Klein, not Jackson, is the biological father of two of the late pop star's children.

“I’m not surprised Michael says he’s the father,” a source told Fox News in 2004. “It’s a fantasy. But these people did not exist in Michael’s life before 1996.”

Omer Bhatti is allegedly convinced that he is Jackson’s son and is "desperate" for a DNA test to prove it. Sounds far fetched to say the least, but they were definitely acquainted. Interestingly, he was spotted yesterday at the Jackson home.

Going to visit Paris and Prince Michael, maybe?

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My sister said that he's ugly. I think he's cute. She said that he looks like a freakin ghost


hi i want to say that Omer is Micheal Jacksons son and you all out their judge Omer just BECAUSE is not your father so stay out of people business. he has is father features he knows how to dance so stop judeing people for how they look got that


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Why u people don't leave these fucking people alone.Whether he is Michael Jackson's son or not time will tell.I LOVE U MICHAEL JACKSON NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT U R.I.P STAR.


Yes, given the information and facts, we can only wait for Omer's DNA results at his request supposedly. I'm in Michael Jacksons peers and have bought his albums when record players were'nt around, and his face even in the pepsi commercial looks so muuch like Omer that we are hoping that he indeed is his son especially he looks so much like Michae Jackson at that age. He really does and has incredible talent and been living at Neverland and knowin Michael for so long, he is like family even if he's not biologically his son. Sure hope he his.