OK! Magazine Michael Jackson Cover Picture: Too Much?

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A photo of a dying Michael Jackson lying on a stretcher is the cover image on the latest edition of OK! Magazine, and is certain to elicit strong, mixed reactions.

The race is on to break the latest news on what may be the biggest celebrity gossip story ever, but do we really need to see "the last photos" of the pop icon?

OK! allegedly paid $500,000 for the cover picture you see below.

While covering Jackson's tragic death is unavoidable, would a tribute such as the commemorative covers released by Entertainment Weekly be more appropriate?

On the flip side, do you want to see all the details because you are interested in the story, even if the images of the dying Jackson happen to be upsetting?

What do you think of the picture on OK's "tribute" issue below? Is it disrespectful to Michael Jackson or are they just reporting the news? Tell us in our poll:

Michael Jackson OK! Cover

Did the magazine go too far with this Michael Jackson cover?


omg that is so sad and heartless showing this pic and it is so sad how ok magazine could go and take a pic of michael like that there is no privacy or there is no respect in the world anymore


You're no better than OK! by posting the pic on your site!


well if you didn't see it here, you'll see it on magazine racks. it's pretty sad when people are willing to go as far as to take photos of the late michael jackson on a stretcher going to the hospital and then have the audacity to post it up for millions to see.


If the photo is so offensive, why do all the sites talking about how offenisve it is keep REPOSTING IT???


Why did you post this photo? Are you no better than OK? You are now part of the disrespect.


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