OK! Magazine Michael Jackson Cover Picture: Too Much?

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A photo of a dying Michael Jackson lying on a stretcher is the cover image on the latest edition of OK! Magazine, and is certain to elicit strong, mixed reactions.

The race is on to break the latest news on what may be the biggest celebrity gossip story ever, but do we really need to see "the last photos" of the pop icon?

OK! allegedly paid $500,000 for the cover picture you see below.

While covering Jackson's tragic death is unavoidable, would a tribute such as the commemorative covers released by Entertainment Weekly be more appropriate?

On the flip side, do you want to see all the details because you are interested in the story, even if the images of the dying Jackson happen to be upsetting?

What do you think of the picture on OK's "tribute" issue below? Is it disrespectful to Michael Jackson or are they just reporting the news? Tell us in our poll:

Michael Jackson OK! Cover

Did the magazine go too far with this Michael Jackson cover?


I think you guys are as bad as OK magazine for reposting this picture on the web. Let the man rest in peace. This is not the way millions of fans want to remember MJ. There is a new song we have out as a tribute to MJ, it features The Game and Chris Brown. Listen to it. That is the way to pay tribute to a great talent. He will surely be missed. REST IN PEACE MJ!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!


Oh its so sad that thousands will flock to see him 'in state' next week at the Staple Center in Los Angles.


who ever sold it to them has no respect and, OK has no respect for paying so much for this photo why didnt they get a simple 1 from google? just tryina make money of a dead man far out so stupid these people..@!


Did you go to far by posting it?!
Come on, you now it's all about profit!


The same thing was done to Elvis, only difference was Elvis was in his coffin. What's the difference??


First of all, the NY Daily News bought the rights to this photo last week and it was on page 2 so many many people have already seen this photo before you people came along and posted it. To see it in a newspaper is kind of expected as they go to new lows to obtain any info and/or photos..but for you bloggers to post this on your own sites and call it disrespectful and atrocious youre just on the same bandwagon. If you dont want to contradict yourselves, at least link the photo. Morons.


Since Michael was mostly plastic from the neck up as a result of his various surgeries, I think they should melt his head, make legos out of him, and let little kids play with him the rest of their lives!


that's soooo sad! ok magazine should NOT have done that.
people need to have respect for the dead. it's not cool at all to post this picture. i really wish i hadnt seen it.


THAT IS VERY VERY VERY DISRESPECTFULL...i wish that Janet and the family would sue the hell out of them...They should feel ashamed...truth is...THE MAN WAS DEAD ON THAT COVER...i don't like the fact of them distributing...i hate the fact that many Americans hate MJ..its sad that it shows how much "OK Magazine" has hate for MJ! Thats so dayum disrespectful and heartbreaking!


I understand that this is a news story and an honest magazine just doing it's job. HOWEVER, this story is quite sensitive. I know that, as a fan of Michael, I do not want to see him in his dying hours. His passing is still hard enough. A nice headline with a pic of him on stage or something is quite enough. Get another cover, OK?

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