OK! Magazine Michael Jackson Cover Picture: Too Much?

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A photo of a dying Michael Jackson lying on a stretcher is the cover image on the latest edition of OK! Magazine, and is certain to elicit strong, mixed reactions.

The race is on to break the latest news on what may be the biggest celebrity gossip story ever, but do we really need to see "the last photos" of the pop icon?

OK! allegedly paid $500,000 for the cover picture you see below.

While covering Jackson's tragic death is unavoidable, would a tribute such as the commemorative covers released by Entertainment Weekly be more appropriate?

On the flip side, do you want to see all the details because you are interested in the story, even if the images of the dying Jackson happen to be upsetting?

What do you think of the picture on OK's "tribute" issue below? Is it disrespectful to Michael Jackson or are they just reporting the news? Tell us in our poll:

Michael Jackson OK! Cover

Did the magazine go too far with this Michael Jackson cover?


this is so photoshopped i love the way they painted hair on him like he's gonna sleep in a wig


right, they shouldn't do that. they're don't have respect to the greatest entertainer in the world i hate them from doing.. suck them all...


Its only a photo of him arriving at the hospital......big deal


What a society we are. We bitch and moan when the bodies of heroes of the war are not shown being loaded off of an airplane. Then we bitch when the body of a non hero, all be it a great entertainer "IS" shown. Are we bipolar? It is "NEWS" people. They would have "NO" problem showing you if you wound up looking like a well done chili burger after an accident. Case in point. Sites such as LiveLeak, Rotten, GoreGasm and so on. Like it or not, these photos "ARE" public property and "NOT" private property. The L.A. coroners office is staffed by public servants. Any attempt to bury, hide or destroy these photos is a crime. The Jackson family has "NO" right to these photos. Sad but true. They "ARE" public property and as such, it is only a matter of time before they are released.


no it not real now we are not showing that of him it been said he is alive then again they said his doctor did this then he didn't if he is alive let him rest.


This pictures was show lots of times lets not show sad pictures. I wish I had meant with him I am fourteen years old maybe I didn't know the king of pop so well I do know one thing it didn't look like him so,. much. he was so special to everyone in the whole world...... ***** god bless him lets stop showing same thing over & over. I feel for his family too., if any one cares show the good moments of his life lease I know one thing he care for his kids & never gave up on his family thats so great the heart he had. my favorite music is the butterfly & thriller. good bye. see you one day in the long road.)*****************************


I think its sad to get in michael business & take such a sad pictures we have to respect the family he Was the king of pop of music MJ.We had seen alot of this. this don't look like michael .... maybe I am wrong to me it just not looking like him. I know I love michael deep in my heart to his family.


i juz 1 2 say tat i miss u mj i hope u rest in peace


your so heartless u should not be showing that picture of him like that your just as bad as ok i am 14 and i loved michael jackson and I cried when i found out he was dead and i watched his memorial survace and cried all the way through that to XXXX GONE TO SOON XXXXX


Uh, guys....look at that picture. Do you actually think that is Michael Jackson (at least him in recent years)? To me, it looks like a doctored up picture! The nose is incorrect (the nose pictured is less "streamlined" than in recent photoes and has more "meat"). His hair is not right and the forehead and coloring is off. Please...someone either duped OK or OK duped us....if it is his "real" picture, I find it in poor taste>

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