New Moon Still Shot Reveals Bella and Jacob Romance

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This is not the first New Moon photo we've published from the movie, nor will it be the last.

But it might be the most controversial.

Kristen in White

In the following shot from the Twilight sequel, Bella and Jacob sit across from each other in the car, recreating one of the most memorable scenes from Stephenie Meyer's novel.

As fans of the series know, Bella (Kristen Stewart) nearly gives into temptation with Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Can you blame the gal? Edward has been absent from her life for awhile at this point.

The New Moon passage this scene is likely based on takes us inside Bella's thought process as she stares into the eyes of the dreamy Jacob Black:

Would it be so wrong to try to make Jacob happy? Even if the love I felt for him was no more than a weak echo of what I was capable of, even if my heart was far away, wandering and grieving after my fickle Romeo, would it be so very wrong?
- New Moon 16:375

Would it be wrong, readers? You tell us.

Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?


I'm not team anyone. There's no point cuz i know how it'll turn out. But I went to the midnight showing & fell in love with these 2. I'm so glad we got 2 almost kisses instead of one. We get this one where bella shakes her head & jake pulls away & than the kitchen almost kiss that edward calls during, where thier lips actually touch! So hot & that scene was so tense & the audience was so tense. It was epic!


Jacob so caring and and completly would never hurt bella, and she just uses him for when Edward isn't around! Bella doesn't deserve Jacob!


Team Jacob. An actual realistic love. Bella is just drawn to Edward like a bug to a light. They dont really get along like they are in love. The whole thing is so strained. But Bella and Jacob actually get along with one another normally. If Bella stopped for a moment and let go of her crazy depression for Edward she'd realize being with Jacob was a lot better.




anddd team edward forever but I love jacob:)))


OMG!!!they are so cute I love them kris so beautiful tay and rob so handsome I love them soooo much edward I love you 'stay edward stay with me':))))I like twilight series really:)))


Team Jacob all the way! He's so loyal and fun and protective and HOT!


Edward and bella are meant to be together it's fate in my opinion they are the most famous love story of star x lover's ever told. Team edward all the way...


I am all the way TEAM JACOB!!! He loves her in a way that Edward never can. A Human way. She can be Bella w/Jacob, not some memory of Bella & only what Edward wants her to be. Go JAKE!!! He is waaaaaay cuter anyway. Especially the warm way he is described in the book. Everytime he is spoken of, it's just a lip biting moment... Edward sux. HeZ cold! HeZ controlling! He all wrong. I hate the outcome of Breaking Dawn.


edward and jacob

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