New Moon Star Speaks on Rachelle Lefevre Firing

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The feud between Rachelle Lefevre and Summit Entertainment is only just beginning.

Rumors of a lawsuit between the actress and the movie studio are brewing, as the former feels like she was unfairly fired from the Twilight Saga.

When asked about the controversial switcheroo (Bryce Dallas Howard will now play Victoria in Eclipse and Breaking Down), Christian Serratos - who portrays Bella friendl Angela Weber in the franchise - said she wasn't pleased with the situation.

“It saddened me to hear about Rachelle and she greatly missed,” Christian Serratos told OK! magazine. ”Although under these circumstances, I am excited to work with Bryce and can’t wait to start filming!”

Fans can't wait to start watching, either. Or will this casting change affect your excitement over Eclipse?

Do you care that Rachelle Lefevre was fired from the Twilight Saga?


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boo Bryce Dallas Howard
Bibg back Rachelle Lefevre


Bryce is UGLY she is allegedly younger than Victoria but she looks MUCH older and lifeless, no way can she play victoria.


First of all, it's Breaking DAwn, NOT Breaking DOwn. Second of all, how can anyone play Victoria in Breaking Dawn when she dies in Eclipse?


I'm sure Summit can find Howard some other work, maybe as a volturi. There isn't an inch of WILD in her. Give us Rachelle the Fiery-Lion-Goddess back!


Summit has already shown what they really like - the CRUEL stuff:
1. Catherine Hardwicke out
2. Rachelle Lefevre out
3. Slade in
4. What next to RUIN IT ALL? Shall we just go for another producer? Twilight-actors, comon, let's go and get the REAL VOLTURI - the SUMMIT! They are untrustworthy, cruel, hard, selfish, inconsidered - and senile at the end. Rachelle was the sexiest female actress in Twilight - and replaced by this ugly freezer.


come back Victoria!!!! the real one!!!


im shocked and saddened by this. rachelle was firey. bryce dallas is boring and bland. she can never live up to rachelles portrayal of victoria


I blame Summit because is responsable of all of this crap... who is responsable ? Rachelle is commiment with the project ... She had been excite about ECLIPSE in COMIC COM a few days before Summit suck! PUT RACHELLE AS VICTORIA IN ECLIPSE


Wow, checked it out, and Rachelle Lefevre is history. It's a pity because her roles are quite small in Twilight and New Moon compared to Eclipse, she really lost out but I don't blame Summit...


This is the first I have heard of the rumour but I hope it isn't true,
and Victoria is only in Eclipse -she is no longer a 'factor' at the end of the book.
So if she is gone it will only be from the third movie but that is pretty much her movie ;) so it would be a big loss