New Moon Co-Star: Edward Cullen is "Hallucination" in Movie

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Across the nation, millions of women fantasize about Robert Pattinson on a daily basis.

Similarly, in the book New Moon, Pattinson's character of Edward Cullen is rarely actually present; he exists, almost entirely, as a voice in Bella's head, following the heartbreaking end to this couple's relationship.

How will this be depicted on the big screen? MTV asked that question to co-star Michael Welch.

"They figured out a very clever way to get Edward back in the film much more than he is in the book," said the actor that plays Mike Newton. "In the film, it's more of like a hallucination kind of thing. He will be [in the movie more than the book] for sure."

R. Patt

Fear not, ladies: you'll see plenty of this handsome mug on the big screen in New Moon.

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well i love twilight and i love robert pattionson aswell., he is a good actor especially starring in harry potter and the goblet of fire., robert pattinson is like wow mega hot.
hopefully new moon and the rest are going to be great 2


guys, can you READ english at all????????? the book is fine, noone debates that. the point is only it's not serious literature, that's all. no need to be so touchy about it.


wow....every1 is stupid...twilight is amazing...i think edward should b in it more...but i still love the book.


honey, it's not about being stupid, it's about reading and one can easily see that you haven't read many serious books in your life and don't know what literature is like. but i am not saying that this reading (the twilight saga) is bad, i am just saying it's not literature. so be more attentive before writing your replies


Sammy & the other girl are fucken stupid! the books were great and the movie is gonna be great too, even if it's not exactly like the book.


I absolutely agree with you, Sammy, about the "piece of art". I wouldn't call it literature either, just reading, but it's also useful to relax sometimes, right?


Haha, a piece of art? Don't make me laugh. It's merely a childish fairytale that shouldn't even be considered part of English litataure. But I guess that's good for the stupid Twilight fangirls. Although, I don't understand why they'd wanna look at him more than they have to. I can tell you, for sure, that I'll never watch New Moon. The book was bad enough.


I don't think they should change New Moon one bit! That irritates me. They're ruining a piece of art and turning it into a pile of poop. Its completely wrong!


This is why Chris Weitz was hired to direct New Moon. He allows great ideas become reality in the movie. I think being able to see Edward will add so much more meaning to Bella's longing for him to come back. SEEING a person that meant a lot to you is generally more intense than a mere voice to the younger demographic.


oh... they keep ruining the story...and btw i dont care if he doesnt appears in the whole movie i dont like robert... ¬¬

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