New Maria Belen Chapur Photos Revealed!

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As South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford prepares to take wife Jenny Sanford on a trip to an undisclosed place to make amends for having an affair, the first current photos of his Argentine mistress, Maria Belen Chapur, have finally surfaced!

A woman's gotta eat. Maria Belen Chapur had been trying to lay low and ride this thing out, but she was spotted buying groceries in her Buenos Aires neighborhood:

Maria Belen Chapur Photo
Maria Belen Chapur Picture

Maria Belen Chapur. She sleeps with Mark Sanford. And buys food!

Chapur is believed to be either 41 or 43, and was referred to by Sanford as his "soul mate" in some seriously cheesy emails. She looks nice enough.

The embattled politician was reprimanded by the South Carolina Legislature, but did not resign and saved his job. Can he save his marriage, though?

Should Jenny Sanford forgive Mark Sanford?


A personal decision will be fine no matter if anyone agrees. They can stay together for the rest of their lives and be able to look back 20 years from now and possibly be glad they did. Yet, it is difficult to live with someone when you know he loves someone else. The nation has held few politicians accountable such as Kennedy and so many more. It is time for politicians to understand that when they take office to serve the people that they are held to the highest standard of behavior and that is a part of their job.


To each their own but Jenny should have realized her hubby will not give up this other woman. The tone from his email says it all so all of them need to move on with their lives. So far...Jenny is making all the right moves. Gov should resign, give up politics and relocate to Argentina. This affair looks like its aged all of them by about 10 years.


She will have to forgive him to be free from it all...the pain...the hurt...the betrayal. Wether she wants to reinvest her heart into him and their relationship is another story. God would want their marriage to survive.Its more than possible with the lord...but it will take Mark to get on his knees and turn in his heart and allow the process to unfold one day at a time...with no time limits. I dont believe once a cheater always a cheater. That doesnt allow for limits and unlimited God. We all should stand in the mirror and think how weve failed someone....even God. We should ask ourselves if we are perfect? Then and only then can we cast stones! Forgiveness yes its the way for her....towards she can be free.If mark lets his pride go...his selfishness and even himself and his will..and asks Jesus to rebuild him...God will do it.


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Maria Belen Chapur Photo
Maria Belen Chapur (also spelled Maria Belen Shapur) is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. She is an Argentine woman... More »
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