Mother of Danielle Deleasa: Elated, Overwhelmed, Weirded Out

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While The Jonas Brothers celebrate Kevin's engagement to Danielle Deleasa, and millions of women around the world cry themselves to sleep every night over this news, Danielle's mother is milking it for some extra cash.

Angela Deleasa spoke to Life & Style this week about the major development in her and her daughter's lives.

First, Angela corrected the misconception that Kevin Jonas and Danielle grew up as neighbors; they actually met a couple years ago in the Bahamas. As for the engagement itself?

"All I can say is that we are very happy for them," Mrs. Deleasa told the tabloid. "He proposed right here on our doorstep. We're just not used to this [fame]. People are coming to our door and our neighbors' doors and it's just strange."

Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas Photo


Angela also said she'll miss her daughter - who she described as "normal and shy" - even more now that she's getting hitched.

"She already travels a lot because Kevin likes her to be around, and I'm sure she'll be gone even more now."

Only if airport security allows one to fly with a ring this big. Some might consider it a dangerous weapon.


never spoke to this crap magazine .. or any other magazine except people your so called interview is made up..


gosh it does not matter what me thank it is all u to kevin and danielle


love this couple...i love kanielle
congras to kevin and ti dani!!!!!!!! omj danielle's mother's name is angela like my name is....


i'm very happy for the couple! although its strange to think kevin will be getting married, and being able to have sex gives me the heebie geebies. but i'm very happy for them and i hope their marriage will work out!


OMG!! there very perfect with each other!! best wishes!!


OMG No they're not! Kevin Jonas is cute, however, I do think that without her make-up Dani does not look as nice as she does with her make-up on.
I do think that Kevin can do better though, but .... obviously they're happy together so we should just let them be.


very ugly couple

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Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas Photo
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