Morgan Freeman Will Not Marry E'Dena Hines

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It is now common knowledge that Morgan Freeman, and his wife Myrna, have split after 25 years of marriage. It is also well known that Morgan and Myrna had raised his step-granddaughter (from his first marriage) E'Dena Hines.

Well, recent reports that Freeman, 72, had a decade-long affair with E'Dena Hines, 27, have surfaced amid Freeman's divorce reports - and moreover, the actor is said to be planning to marry her. Woody Allen can relate, but few others can.

Morgan Freeman Wins!

The National Enquirer said he and E'Dena Hines "are planning to wed after Morgan's contentious divorce battle is over," that "Morgan has let E'Dena believe he wants to marry her," and "becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal."

E'Dena Hines will not become Mrs. Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman's camp had kept quiet, assumingly finding the story so absurd it saw no reason to comment. At first, it was hard to argue with that logic.

But, so many people jumped on the story and began printing it as fact - or at least reporting it so many times that some people inevitably assumed it was.

Finally, Freeman's publicist set the record straight, stating in regards to the story: “It's complete garbage. The allegations are 100 percent made up."

Well, that clears that up. And it's probably for the best.


Morgan is one of the best actors of our time, so what he likes the girl, who cares, he has the right to be with anyone that wants to be with him, give me a break with this non sense He Is A Man, what the f is that suppose to mean, some feminist BS?


I do not see anything that says "RAPE" so I'm suprised no one is saying anything about the girl, how does one get in between the sheets with their granddad regardless of whether its "step" or not. She is also to blame she agreed and she is part of it all. Disgusting little witch.........


Did you idiots read the same article that I just read? "Finally, Freeman's publicist set the record straight, stating in regards to the story: “It's complete garbage. The allegations are 100 percent made up." Apparently, no one wants to believe that part, but you folks are ready to believe the garbarge from The National Enquirer - which has been sued for libel and everything else. Some of your idiots are just fools.


Yeah--I was thinking the same thing--they didn't deny the AFFAIR. And what kind of GRANDFATHER is he that he wouldn't come out with a stronger statement if these allegations aren't true--this is YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER'S NAME being dragged through the mud. If any of this is true, we will never know the truth. Bet cash money that "keeping quiet" about the incest will be part of the divorce settlement to keep Myrna AND E'dena quiet. His wife's lawyer(s) probably leaked the information out just to let Morgan Freeman know they mean business. Will be interesting to see if MYRNA GETS WHAT MYRNA WANTS! I HOPE SHE PUTS A HURTIN' ON HIM - LOL! If she has her way, Morgan will have to work well into his 90s - LOL!


I've watched Morgan since I was a little girl on the Electric Company. I usually try to see any movie he is in since most of the time the story line is a good one. I really hope this is not true. He seems to always play moral, strong and wise characters and it would be nice to think that he is very much the same as a man.


Some people are so stupid convicting a person before they no all the facts,you cant believe everything you read some of you people sicken me....


I admired and resepected him so much. Admiration is about admiring the person for who they are and what they represent. It this is tru, he represents selfishness, lechery, is devoid of any kind of morality. I'm sure he'll justify his actions, if true, with the old "You can't help who you fall in love with!" True, but you can help who you sleep with, who you pursue a relationship with, what lines you cross. This is truely, truely sad. If true I can't support this man as an actor or as a human being.


If it's true, yuck! If it's not, let's move on. Not about race, not about being a man but it's about character, good character and decent morals. After all, he is an ACTOR.


welli think its disgusting,he is bringing the blacks community down.just imagine people saying they wouldvebeen surprised if he wasnt black.most of you say it has nothing to do with the fact that hes black but its got everythig to do with it


I don't think it true.

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