Miley Cyrus Wings Away to New Movie, Possible Franchise

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Miley Cyrus has signed on for a fourth season of Hannah Montana.

But the actress is clearly eyeing big screen stardom away from the Disney Channel, as she's lined up a pair of major movie projects.

She's currently filming The Last Song, a romantic film written specifically for Miley by beloved author Nicholas Sparks.

Now, reports indicate that Cyrus will take the lead in Wings, a fantasy adventure based on a novel by Aprilynne Pike.

In the movie, Cyrus will play Laurel, a 15-year-old girl that can't exactly fit into life in a city. The reason? She's a fairy.

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Wings Book

Wings is actually the first book in a four-book set. As evidenced by the basic cover above - as well as the author quoted on it - the series of novels is often compared to the Twilight Saga.

Based on the excitement already generated over New Moon and the subsequent movies in that franchise, it's scary to think about the craziness that would erupt if Cyrus stars in an equally popular string of films.

Can the world handle it?


I would hate to see miley as laurel. She looks nothing like her! I really don't think she could pull off this role. If the're gonna make this wonderful book into a movie stay true to the book and get it right!


Altho I have nothing against Miley, i dont believe she fits the part. Im a big fan of this book, and i would like to see it done justice. And no, just because we dont want her playing the lead of our favorate book dosn't mean were immature. I believe people who have nothing better to do then defend so called "celebreties" they dont even know, using caps lock un needingly, and exessive explamation marks, are the immature ones. In conclusion, as i said before, I dont believe she fits the part.


ok so im not a very big fan of miley but ill give her this she is pretty,yes but then again like everyone else i rly dont think she should be playing this part. wings is my favorite book of the whole world and im so hapy that its coming into a movie but yes miley might not be the perfect actor well actually lets just say shes NOTHING like laurel but lets give her a chance. like i said i dont like her very much and i rly think Taylor Swift should play as Laurel but im willing to give miley a chance cuz im not going to let all that negativity riun the move. u guys.. at least they r making the movie. im on both sides, not wanting miley to play the part, and sure idk if she does. im just happy their r making the movie:)p.s. i think taylor swift wud be perfect for laurel:)


Ok I like that they are making a movie of the book! But I don't like that they are casting people who look NOTHING like the characters! Is it so hard to hire en actress that looks like the characters?


The people saying that we are rude and should give her a chance probably didn't read the book and are Miley fans. It might be ok if miley looked a little different from laurel but she doesn't! Miley Cyrus has brown hair and blue eyes. Laurel has blond hair and grey eyes. She is also pretty short. And even if she did look like laurel she can't act. I'm sorry Miley fans but Miley Cyrus can only play the annoying obnoxious character.Oh and guess what guys it's being directed by the directors of Twilight and being made by disney! The directors that made horrible movies and the company that almost never follows the books. Aren't you guys happy?


not to say that i would ever be better for this part or hate on miley but she isnt right for the part i think she is a great actress but only in certian roles and her mom is directing the movie so that is most likely why she got the part


NOO! she cant.. firstlly Laurel is BLOND!! and has light skin and grey eyes. i doubt that she can also play the part of a shy 15 year old.. its not that i dont like her its just it wasnt ment for her... maybre Chelse if she got a spay tan...


miley isnt right for the part. wings is one of my favourite books and i think miley would just ruin it. wen ppl read books then they get made into movies they actors never look how they are dexcribed in the book. i think you should get a blonde 14-16 year old not a 18 year old brunette


yeah but if she's not right for the part it makes the movie bad for those of us who read and loved the book. she's not right for the park because of her facial features, she's supposed to play a fairy girl who is thinly built with narrow and angular features. Miley, being Midwestern has facial features too round to look 'fae', also Laurel (that character) is supposed to have a much higher and softer pitched voice, again a fairy thing, and is supposed to be relatively short. NOW do you see why all us wings fans are pissed, it's nothing against Miley Cyrus, more the idiot director who didn't pay attention to details. Miley's a good actress but she's not right for the part


in the book laurel had blonde hair? that's like what made laurel, laurel. and it was like always flawless. why is miley cyrus doing this.


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