Miley Cyrus Throws Herself a Pity Party Via Twitter

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Attention, Twitter followers:

Miley Cyrus is throwing a pity party, and you're all invited!

The singer, who is often so desperate for attention that she humps chairs and sends out insincere Tweets about Michael Jackson, has now invited all her fans into her personal life.

Early this morning, Cyrus posted the following messages on her Twitter account:

Miley Tweet

Loyal fans and celebrity gossip lovers would assume that Miley is referring to Nick Jonas, the cute ex-boyfriend she started dating again last month.

However, just 12 hours prior to the messages above, Cyrus wrote:

Second Miley Tweet

What could have changed in half a day? Did Miley really go from "lovinggg" her single life to missing Jonas? Or was she just so starved for attention that she pretended to cry a digital river in order to garner sympathy from fans?

You tell us.

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Maybe the world doesn't always revolve around Nick Jonas. Miley twittered last week about missing someone in Hollywood, isn't Nick everywhere on tour. She's filming a movie now so maybe she's missing alot of people. That's her business. Give the girl a break.


honestly i think that miley is just someone who feeds on attention even if it is fed to her every second of the day. She just has to have attention wherever she goes. She's a self-centered, spoiled brat who thinks the world absolutely has to revolve around her. Awwe
too bad the super star is a super illegitimate child.


No, it's called life. Just because she enjoys it doesn't mean she's not going to miss him. OR it could have just hit her when she said that. But honestly, just because you enjoy being single doesn't mean you don't miss a person. I for one am currently single, but I love someone VERY dearly, and miss him VERY much. I want to be with him, but I'm not even ready for a relationship, so honestly, it makes perfect sense to me. Being single can also be very enlightening, and give you a good sense of freedom, from the drama and crap.


come on , it's just an update .
I twitted something like dat too .
girl's feelings are complicated .


ashley no she is not a 16 year old dont do that just shut up you dont kno what you are talking a bout i have 2 dather one is 17 and one is 7 come on now i would kno


well if you are single well y did you break up with justin and say im goig with nick and to jusin that you stell have felling about nick and you wanting to break up 2 you are nasty because we all kno those are fake boobs set down be a 16 year old be your self stop being someone your not my dather love you so much and when she look on this she well not so stop if u want that money{u is not a grown girl but your a 16 you need to stop acting like your 20 years old and you need to know who you like belivr=e in your heart nick or justin that wat my dather said}


i agree with dee about the exclusive campaign to just bash miley cyrus that the is clearly doing......their is not one article on the whole miley cyrus page that doesnt in some way bash her.....fuck you


Okay i agree she has had her up's and down, but how do you even know she was talking about Nick?.
Plus they arent even dating. Nick went on Larry King In person saying Joe had made a mistake. Reallly You guys need to get a life.Miley Is a Human she can express herself any which way. I mean shes my role-model Shes Not a bad person.Okay yes there was those pictures and the supposed "Sex tape" but shes just a normal kid. Just cause shes a star doesnt mean she has this special treatment. Okay and who are you to judge her?
Miley hasnt done anything wrong in my eyes and you guys are just trying to find something to blame on her. When it isnt that big.GET OVER IT !!!!Shes Good Not what your trying to make her sound like


I agree. She's done some pretty weird stuff but I kinda feel sorry for her cos whatever she does people over-analyse it and make it out to be offensive or attention seeking in some way. Im 16 too and believe me, its horrible being judged by every single adult who thinks they know you enough to see through your actions or whatever. Just let her be 16.


Please. Give her a break. If you knew anything about a teenager's state of mind, you would know it isn't exactly consistent. And besides, why shouldn't she be allowed to be love being single and yet miss whoever she's missing at the same time? It's called life. For the sake of us all, give the Miley bashing a rest.