Miley Cyrus Pretends to Care About Michael Jackson

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Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992.

Michael Jackson's last hit song, "You Are Not Alone," topped the charts less than three years later.

So while we don't doubt Cyrus was somewhat affected by the death of Jackson, the lengths to which she's grieving cause us to wonder about her intentions. Come on, Miley, was Michael Jackson really your "hero," as you Tweeted this week?!?

Or, like Lindsay Lohan, are you simply using the passing of a music icon as a means to divert attention to yourself and your fake personal mourning process?

Above the Twitter message Rocking out to 'BAD' in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!, Cyrus posted the following photo today:

Miley on MJ

Look, Jackson reshaped the world of music in numerous ways. We don't question the sincere reaction to his passing of singers such as Usher or Diddy, those that were alive during MJ's heyday.

We also can't imagine what a true lifelong friend, such as Diana Ross - who was included in Michael Jackson's will - is going through.

But can we please get a break from the outpouring of emotion and supposed sadness from young artists such as Miley Cyrus?

In her lifetime, she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony.

Jackson was as troubled as he was talented. It doesn't mean we're glad he's gone, nor does it mean we don't sympathize with those that were truly influenced by his life.

But it does mean we take issue with a Disney TV star and occasional country singer that exploits this death for her own agenda. Not everything is about you, Miley.


I'm only 23 and I still grieved for Michael Jackson. Death is sad. I was never a huge fan, but I still found myself very upset. I watched his funeral in its entirety on nbc. Just because she is only 16, doesn't mean she is faking being upset. When someone dies, even if it's a celebrity, it has you thinking how short life is and that someone you love could go at any moment. So how about you leave Miley alone. Someone needs to beat up the editor who lets his/her staff write about this stuff. Damn.


my b day same day yourz 23 nov but diffrant year 1992 and 1997


I was born in 1989 & grew up listening to Michael.
My very first concert was the HIStory tour back in 1997.
Yes, I grew up in the 90's, but Michael's music NEVER dates, so who cares if Miley wasn't even around when Bad came out, do you know what, I don't even think I was?
And the same with Smooth Criminal, but does that stop the fact that, that song and video are my favourite of all time?
I'm not a fan of Miley, but that was completely harsh and uncalled for. Not to mention ageist.


I'm kinda offended because this is all basically saying that if u were a young person u can't like 80's music...what if miley really does like michael jackson. I'm 14 and I love his music. It doesn't matter how old u are. Michael Jackson is CLASSIC.


Sorry but are you completly stupid and insensetive!! So what if she wasn't born the same year he was and was around for his debut with the Jackson 5! Neither was I and he is MY Hero aswell as Elvis, The Beatles and Abba I'm only 2 months older than Miley are you gunna say I'm an attention seeker? I was devastated when he died and I cried as many other fans did. Tbh I think your a joke all your articles on miley or other members of her family or her closest friends are nothing but digs and distgustingly hateful comments get over your self and stop hating on things that you don't know the truth about. Jeeeze.


well i dnt really like miley cyrus but part of what makes MJ so great and one of the most famous person atm is that he has fans from all generations.
i'm 16 but i luv his music and his death has shocked basically everybody


I'm sure almost everyone is saddened about the passing of Michael Jackson... Why would someone fake missing him... that's crap... this topic is ridiculous... I mean, it doesn't even make sense! My little sister is the same age as Miley Cyrus and she is hurt by his passing too... Cut the crap...


You all are annoying with all this, first it was her && Nickk. Then, the pictures. And now this Michael Jackson thingg? Maybe she did look up to him, maybe she didnt? It doesnt matter! Shes not trying to take all the attention, im pretty sure Miley isnt that snobby, shes from Tennessee! Like me, && most of us are down to Earthh. Not annoying little bitches like you guys who down her every minute. Shes doing something with her life, And where are youuuu? Hmmmm Exactly!!!!! :D


You guys are too mean to err, she might actually care about him. You all dont know everything about Miley. So please S-T-O-P acting like youu do && give the girl a breakk. =)


she wears one glove i wonder where she got it from mj maybe leave her alone

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