Miley Cyrus Pretends to Care About Michael Jackson

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Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992.

Michael Jackson's last hit song, "You Are Not Alone," topped the charts less than three years later.

So while we don't doubt Cyrus was somewhat affected by the death of Jackson, the lengths to which she's grieving cause us to wonder about her intentions. Come on, Miley, was Michael Jackson really your "hero," as you Tweeted this week?!?

Or, like Lindsay Lohan, are you simply using the passing of a music icon as a means to divert attention to yourself and your fake personal mourning process?

Above the Twitter message Rocking out to 'BAD' in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!, Cyrus posted the following photo today:

Miley on MJ

Look, Jackson reshaped the world of music in numerous ways. We don't question the sincere reaction to his passing of singers such as Usher or Diddy, those that were alive during MJ's heyday.

We also can't imagine what a true lifelong friend, such as Diana Ross - who was included in Michael Jackson's will - is going through.

But can we please get a break from the outpouring of emotion and supposed sadness from young artists such as Miley Cyrus?

In her lifetime, she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony.

Jackson was as troubled as he was talented. It doesn't mean we're glad he's gone, nor does it mean we don't sympathize with those that were truly influenced by his life.

But it does mean we take issue with a Disney TV star and occasional country singer that exploits this death for her own agenda. Not everything is about you, Miley.


Michael Jackson is my hero too. And if Miley calls him her hero that is toatlly okay. There isn't anything wrong with that. I feel so bad that Michael Jackson died and i feel bad for his family. I bet Miley is sad too. She knew one of the Jacksons so she had meet Michael Jackson. Miley is friends with Janet Jackson. So Miley might of met the whole family. So can you just think what it feels like to lose your hero? I know what it feels like. He was my super hero. He will still be my hero forever and ever. And no one should beleive in this crap they are saying about him. Michael Jackson was playful and acted like a kid! If you don't believe me go to youtube-michael jackson private home movies part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part ten and part eleven! He was the most sensitive guy in the whole world! He was very funny too. So Miley liked him so what get over it people!


Okay people......[how can i say this in a nice tone]I HATE MILEY CYRUS!!!!!! i agree on the other hand to this article. shes just tryin to get attention and its stupid that all you miley lovers are bashing the person who made this article {oyur probley just a 10 year old girl listeini to best of both worlds} and pluss She did copy the thriller video to fly on the wall and pluss ITS SO OBVIOUS!!!!! but michael jackson is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than miley cyrus then yeah id guess you get what im tryin to say


first all u miley fans if mj was her inspiration than how come she doesnt dance like him or sing like him. Seriously i mean she sings Rock. She cant dance for shit!!!! And i kno deep down in your hearts you know miley was lying this is just a way for her to get attention. Yah mabey she likes him now cause he died but seriously she needs to get a life!!!!!!!! She never said before that MJ was her hero or that he was her inspirtaion!! The singers who we can really believe are the ones and dance (Not those fake ass dances that miley does) reall dancing and good singing like MJ. Such as Chris Brown, Neyo, Usher, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake...need i say more


Wow, there's nothing wrong with idolizing someone before your time and thinking of them as a hero. I'm 13 and I LOVE Michael Jackson. There's nothing wrong with that. So how bout all you guys stfu? (Y)


God! I've had enough of this frekin crap! I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan, but EVERYTHING you are saying is being completely blown out of context!!!! I LOVE Michael Jackson and I'm 14 years old! Just cause she didn't know him well before he died does NOT mean that she doesn't like him! She's probly just a huge fan of his! Read 50 other young girls blogs or twitters and I guarintee that you will find at least a couple pictures of writing I LOVe ....... somewhere. Wow if I where her I don't know how I would deal with all this fake stupid crap people post about her!


What proof do you even have that she DOESN'T care? I mean, I personally feel MJ is overrated, but you don't have ANY proof that she was being insincere. And it doesn't even matter. Her songs are WAY better than most of his.


i think you're right she is desprately looking 4 attention . it's not always about her. i mean selena didn't do all this or anyone else. besides, after a while she tweeted about mj's death: "this is not a story you guys" so she cared ... and then she didn't care!!




One more thing how do you know if Miley doesn't care if MJ died.I mean can ya'll read minds or something. I love Miley cyrus and I'm gunna stick up for her as well as many of her other fans will! So if your gunna write articles about stupid stuff and make rumors about people well no one will really like anything about you!! So plz just shutup about this! I'll bet Miley isn't even happy about this! If you don't like Miley you still don't have to make stupid rumors about her.What if someone did that to you what would you say about them???????


Miley is sad about Michael Jacksons death!!Why does everyone critisize her!! People like that are just plane mean!!!!!!! Please just give her a break.

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