Miley Cyrus Pretends to Care About Michael Jackson

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Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992.

Michael Jackson's last hit song, "You Are Not Alone," topped the charts less than three years later.

So while we don't doubt Cyrus was somewhat affected by the death of Jackson, the lengths to which she's grieving cause us to wonder about her intentions. Come on, Miley, was Michael Jackson really your "hero," as you Tweeted this week?!?

Or, like Lindsay Lohan, are you simply using the passing of a music icon as a means to divert attention to yourself and your fake personal mourning process?

Above the Twitter message Rocking out to 'BAD' in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!, Cyrus posted the following photo today:

Miley on MJ

Look, Jackson reshaped the world of music in numerous ways. We don't question the sincere reaction to his passing of singers such as Usher or Diddy, those that were alive during MJ's heyday.

We also can't imagine what a true lifelong friend, such as Diana Ross - who was included in Michael Jackson's will - is going through.

But can we please get a break from the outpouring of emotion and supposed sadness from young artists such as Miley Cyrus?

In her lifetime, she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony.

Jackson was as troubled as he was talented. It doesn't mean we're glad he's gone, nor does it mean we don't sympathize with those that were truly influenced by his life.

But it does mean we take issue with a Disney TV star and occasional country singer that exploits this death for her own agenda. Not everything is about you, Miley.


haha WOW so that means that you can't like the beatles, i'm assuming?
teenagers weren't allowed to enjoy the music and soundtrack of across the universe because it was way before their time? seriously, man. one, respect michael, he was mentally troubled as well as emotionally.
and two, miley along with the rest of the world can like whatever music they want. people like michael shaped music to be what it is today. get a grip.


oh my god people are so pathetic. I don't understand, it's amazing how stupid and harsh people and te world can be. Just because Miley wasn't alive when Michael Jasckson was in his prime, dosn't mean she ca't be devastated by the death of such a legend. I mean, i'm 4 months older than miley, also born in 1992 and i am very saddened bout his death. I wear t-shirts, hats saying RIP MJ and i don't go a day withot listening to the guy's music or watching his amazing performances... Miley is probably a big fan of his too, no matter how old you are, Michael Jackson's music can touch anyone, so leave the poor girl alone. and RIP Michael Jackson


hey hey hey! I'm born in 1992 but I appreciate all the works of Mj before my time. I was actually crying the whole time I was watching his memorial even though I haven't met him in person. I also look up to him as a hero even if I was born late.


FYI: Amber Michael Jackson did not show naked pictures to Corey Feldman. It was a medical book that was laying on the table that Michael was reading that Corey found and inspected. It was a medical book, not porn.


well im 13,one year older than michael's oldest son (prince)
I admire michael and i love him soo much.He is my inspiration.
He had a kind heart.He helped lots if people and gave lots of money for charity.And i dont care whatever people make and say about him cuz I know that he was a perfect man and i know that he is in heaven and i intend to meat him in heaven cuz unfortunately i couldent meet him in this world.God bless u michael jackson!!!U R THE BEST!!1rip


your all idiots- no ones saying she cant grieve--
no ones saying she cant be affected-- ..but she didn't huddle around the only tv in the house with her entire family awaiting the premier of Thriller ..any posters of him on her wall?? -in the 80s Mike WAS a culture.. and nothing you see now can possibly reflect what it felt like to take part in that time and place. People dressed like him. Danced like him. He was in all of us and made everyone feel connected.. and yes that feeling died in his later years, but those of us who were there and had lived through his glorious reign never forgot who he was, and how much he changed our lives. You think your a fan? Look at his Real fans: Now try and tell them he was "your idol" because you saw "all his videos" on your laptop screen. Theres nothing wrong with being young, but you've got a lot to learn kids.


"The Truth" and "Working Class" you'd be best never commenting here ever again.


And jessica when your calling someone offensive names such as "freak" you're in no place to be criticising hilton hater. You are just as cruel and hateful who only needs pity and how you drown yourself in this hatred towards MJ as a person when this guy did nothing but bring so much joy and happiness to people all over the world. And what exactly have you done? You sit behind a computer calling somebody an offensive name when this guy had to sacrifice his childhood to bring that "music" that you like so much. Think about that the next time you decide to open your mouth and also watch that footage of his daughter. That 11 year old girl who has to bury her father that person who you call a so-called "freak".


Well then I take serious pity on you jessica. You being an asshole and someone who let's gossip, rumors and speculation twist your mind of a man you never met let alone even know and not realizing that those 3 things do NOT equal "facts".


To hilton hater this "she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony" Really? First off this "sharing" i'm not sure what you're trying to imply cus he didn't sleep in the same bed as them. Corey Feldman I mean really? Don't you think a guy like him who's career tanked sooo many years ago would say shit like that to get attention and who better to use than MJ the BIGGEST star in the WORLD? As for this baby thing he didn't "dangle" the baby and you need to get over it cus he admitted he made a terrible mistake and that was 7 YEARS ago. GET OVER IT!!!!

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