Miley Cyrus Pretends to Care About Michael Jackson

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Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992.

Michael Jackson's last hit song, "You Are Not Alone," topped the charts less than three years later.

So while we don't doubt Cyrus was somewhat affected by the death of Jackson, the lengths to which she's grieving cause us to wonder about her intentions. Come on, Miley, was Michael Jackson really your "hero," as you Tweeted this week?!?

Or, like Lindsay Lohan, are you simply using the passing of a music icon as a means to divert attention to yourself and your fake personal mourning process?

Above the Twitter message Rocking out to 'BAD' in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!, Cyrus posted the following photo today:

Miley on MJ

Look, Jackson reshaped the world of music in numerous ways. We don't question the sincere reaction to his passing of singers such as Usher or Diddy, those that were alive during MJ's heyday.

We also can't imagine what a true lifelong friend, such as Diana Ross - who was included in Michael Jackson's will - is going through.

But can we please get a break from the outpouring of emotion and supposed sadness from young artists such as Miley Cyrus?

In her lifetime, she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony.

Jackson was as troubled as he was talented. It doesn't mean we're glad he's gone, nor does it mean we don't sympathize with those that were truly influenced by his life.

But it does mean we take issue with a Disney TV star and occasional country singer that exploits this death for her own agenda. Not everything is about you, Miley.

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I dont agree with you on this, i was born in 89 and i remember dancing and singing to MJ as a little girl..Miley could have easily done the same.


I'm a big fan of 70's and 80's rock and I LOVE everything about the 80's and they ended before I was born. I guess you can't like (or in the case of MJ, love) anyone who was successful when you were young or at their peak before you were born...sorry John Lennon, AC/DC, AeroSmith, Motley Crue, Elvis, etc, I can't like your music because its from before 1996.


ok so iam only 12 & i ♥ mike jackson & she's only 16 so she could be sad i mean i'm so depressed i cry when i listen to ''they don't care about us'' & that ain't a song to cry to your suppose to be happy when you listen to that song.
have you seen both of the ''THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US'' videos they totally kicked ''BAD'' @$$.
miley could be sad i know i am then again i've been listening to mj. sence i was about 2. POP ON 4-EVA MIKE


i beleive she is a little sad over mj.'s death but not depressed and if she is using that man-boy's death to get publicity then she is totally wrong for that. R♥I♥P MICHAEL J. JACKSON THE''KING OF POP'' 2958♥2009


Is true that Miley is only 16, but don't forget that her father is from MJ's era. Maybe he played Michael's records at home when Miley was a little girl, and she liked it. There are many young persons that admire Michael before he died. For example, look at me: I'm 14 and right now I'm listening to Leave Me Alone, a MJ song that was recoreded almost a decade before I was even born. I believe her feeling is true. Michael was, is and will be and inspiration for the world. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP


well i was born in 1994 but ive been listening to his music for years! i listen to music from way back to the 60's just because i was born after the thriller era does not mean im hopping on the bandwagon to cause attention. i'm upset about the passing of michael becuase he's amazing performer and EXTEMELY talented! miley has obviously brought up around good music like myself.


who eva wrote this is freaking crazy im ten yrs old and i learned about micheal when i was seven and the first song i herd by him was beat it i know more songs its like im obsessed with him but give the girl a break she in the news to much already


omg you dont kno! maybe he was her hero, i would be so pissed of with people like you who just think they kno everything & blog it to the world! get a life


michael is the best and at least he was proven innocent. i'm 14 years old and me and everyone in my school knows him and loves him.


Hi, miley i love ur series but onw things i really love micheal jackson i wnt to be fren wiz him but is sad for me he is not here.