Miley Cyrus Pretends to Care About Michael Jackson

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Miley Cyrus was born in November 1992.

Michael Jackson's last hit song, "You Are Not Alone," topped the charts less than three years later.

So while we don't doubt Cyrus was somewhat affected by the death of Jackson, the lengths to which she's grieving cause us to wonder about her intentions. Come on, Miley, was Michael Jackson really your "hero," as you Tweeted this week?!?

Or, like Lindsay Lohan, are you simply using the passing of a music icon as a means to divert attention to yourself and your fake personal mourning process?

Above the Twitter message Rocking out to 'BAD' in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!, Cyrus posted the following photo today:

Miley on MJ

Look, Jackson reshaped the world of music in numerous ways. We don't question the sincere reaction to his passing of singers such as Usher or Diddy, those that were alive during MJ's heyday.

We also can't imagine what a true lifelong friend, such as Diana Ross - who was included in Michael Jackson's will - is going through.

But can we please get a break from the outpouring of emotion and supposed sadness from young artists such as Miley Cyrus?

In her lifetime, she's only known Jackson as someone who admitted to sharing his bed with unrelated minors; as someone who actor Corey Feldman said, in 2005, used to show him naked photos of men when Feldman was young; as someone that dangled a baby over a balcony.

Jackson was as troubled as he was talented. It doesn't mean we're glad he's gone, nor does it mean we don't sympathize with those that were truly influenced by his life.

But it does mean we take issue with a Disney TV star and occasional country singer that exploits this death for her own agenda. Not everything is about you, Miley.


Ursäkta mig jag hade fel det var redan remember the time redan i dance school


Jag önskar att dom också hade lagt. The girl is mine. Speed demon. Streetwalker. Heal the world. In the closet. Who is it. Will you be there. Earth song. Money. Sunset driver. Workin day and night. och Remember the time. i dance school i Michael Jackson The Experience Wii-spelet


No one can assume what anyone can say, I love Michael Jackson. He was a true angel. I'm not much 4 Miley's music (ecept Party in the U.S.A) but she still has rights and no one has the right to say who they like or not like unless they've lived in their head and experienced the ups and downs.


miley thinks she is better than anyone else and really she dont give a crap about michael's legacy or his death. she needs to start seeing other things in life other than herself. all because she is hannah montana she is not the ruler of hollywood!!! and she is not a role model get REAL MILEY.


i believe miley. miley cyrus and michael jackson are 2 of my favourite singers. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON his music will live on forever and none can take his place. hey loads of teenagers rock out to songs in their bedrooms hehe




omg michael was not a pedophile! how hard is that to understand? yes he did have a sad personal life but that doesnt mean he was a frkn pedo! im glad miley showed some sympathy even though maybe it wasnt all true, its good shes showing the world she cared.


i think its silly that ppl r actually giving miley greif about liking mickeal jackson too much!!! its her life and she can do what she wants with and like who she wants to like without ppl jumping to conclusions about evertthing she tweets!!!


I'm only 14 and have loved Michael Jackson for 10 years, and it broke my heartbwhen he died, buy the annoying thing about Miley is that she only started to like him now he's dead! Before she used to say her dad is her inspiration , but now Michaela dead he is her inspiration! She's using dead people to get herself attention! Grow up Miley and stop being such an attention seeking slag!


fuck you hes dead mily fucker

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