Miley Cyrus: Not a Kid Anymore

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Miley Cyrus on Dad, Boyfriends and Why She's Not a Kid Anymore.

That's what the cover of this month's Elle reads.

If Cyrus wants to be treated like an adult, that's fine with us - but she can't have it both ways.

She can't straddle a chair and then claim it was just innocent fun.

She can't quote a famous children's book as part of her attention-grabbing Tweets and then be defended by fans that say Miley is a normal, indecisive, confused 16-year old.

Cyrus is NOT a normal 16-year old. Do normal 16-year olds make millions per year and pose for tawdry photos in national magazines, such as the following Elle pic?

It's perfectly fine for Cyrus to wanna break free from the young, sweet images Disney has created for her. But then she can't hide behind any excuses of ignorance or innocence - and fans cannot tell us to "leave her alone" - when controversies arise.

Also, she's gotta stop hating on Robert Pattinson, as she dismissed his popularity in an April interview with Teen Vogue. That guy rules!


She is 16. She is a child. My daughter is 6. She looks up to Miley. I was ok with it at first. She kept herself covered.She was not in and out of rehab. But I'll be damned if my daughter looks up to someone who acts and dresses like a floozy. I am not hatting on her. Like i said my child loves her. we got wall to wall posters, bedding, barbies, cloths, shoes, sunglasses. EVERYTHING. She pretends shes her.I just don't think that someone who is looked up to by small children should behave in ways that are beyond their age. Shes a child. In one interview she said she wanted to be a good role model. Either she was lieing or she is confused. She has a beautiful voice. Up until now I'd defend her to the end. But little girls don't dress like that. I was even ok with the older boyfriend issue. Who dosen't date older men when they are 16. But dressing and posing like that is not ok for a child of any age. it gives people the wrong idea.


I Hate Miley She Is Such A Hoe with Her Dum Ass I Will Kill Her If I Have To.


I Hate Miley She Is Such A Hoe with Her Dum Ass I Will Kill Her It I Have To.


this is so stupid, she's not a kid anymore anyway!! it's legal for her to do some things. she hasn't done anything wrong!! just leave her alone. She gets paid to do them kinda photo's probably thousands of dollers!! Also people make mistakes!! Your all just so SICK!!!! Why not any other star?? Vinessa Hudgens is way worse than miley!!JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!


your all just not happy with her as she got money and that she is famouse just leave her alone she aint no slut like you duke she just knows how to have a good time !! and yuo are all twats ta be honest just cuz she famouse yah all think its ok to make fun of her theres no need really she has got a heart you know and things like like upset and hurt people and its not nice she a normal person like every1 else apart from she is a good singer and actor so why dont you all just fucking leave her alone yah twats. well anyway i think you are amazing miley and thers nothing wrong with you so ignore all these pefetic comments that people are saying !! x x


He's untalented, greasy and ugly as fuck! Get the hell over it already. Miley is such a SELF-CENTRED SELFISH ATTENTION GETTER EGOTISTICAL IMMATURE SLUT BITCH! NO ROLE MODEL!! PEDOPHILES-GO GET HER! Meh. She's my role model. You cannot call her self-centred or selfish! How much times does she spend giving money to charity's and spending time at sick kids hospitals? Don't sprut shit that she's "self-centered" or "selfish". Miles looks beautiful in those "Elle" pictures :).


all yall hoes get over it been there done that she dont know u she dont hate you so get off her jock and leave


Miley cyrus is not a good role model like everyone says. she has some good songs, but she's realy a spoiled little slut
she's done all these diffrent things that shows how bad of a role model she is and people DON'T care and they defend her ass and they need to stop. Yes She's 16 and she'll start
wanting to have sex and date more guys But, people shouldn't defend her at all she is sapost to be a role model thats probably the #1 ? people ask about her (Do you think Miley Cyrus is a role model?). SO STOP DEFENDING HER FUCKEN ASS


Hey guys it's Miley. I really don't appreciate what you are saying about me because after 4 years of being an innocent Disney star wouldn't you really want to break free every once in a while? I know I cant tell you who to like.


I think it 's good that miley wants to be seen as an adult ,but bitch is only sixteen if she wants to be an adult she should learn how to handle very hard responsibilities and act more mature


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