Miley Cyrus Crushes on Zac Efron

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Look away, Nick Jonas!

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus was feeling under the weather. Based on a Twitter posting, however, it sounds like she was wishing she were under Zac Efron.

Never one to shy away from telling fans pretty much every thought that enters her head - no matter how personal, inappropriate or inane - Cyrus Tweeted:

"Me and mom are seriously sitting here staring at Zac Efron on Google images. Girls I totally get it! He is gorgeous!"

So is his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. Watch what you say, Miley.

Pretty Miley

Is Miley Cyrus making a play for Zac Efron? The Tweeniverse might explode if she does.

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miley ur the best and we are with u that zac efron is gorgeous and you are the best love u


i also agree with alison leave miley alone it is a free country everyone can dream in a lifetime


don't u people have anything better to do? goodness this is just celebrity crap. wow. never judge a person you have no idea where people get things from and their sources. blah.


she should get a life and
stop dreaming about things that will never be,
but you dont have to call her a whore
even though she is...she noes that!
i think shes a sick bitch!!!




yes miley zac is gorgous, but hes not for u so relaxx!!


Lol She doesn't have a chance vanessa is the best we all love her and zanessa is 4ever


miley ur a fagot b**ch. stopp goin after vanessa's boyfriend . u aint worth him. stop tryin 2 get him cuz ur ugly n vanessa iz better.i woodnt b surprise if the world turn on u


miley ur a pathetic loser!!! stop goin after other ppl boyfriend. stop bein a rebound which means stop goin after ur friends boyfriend.


hey hey Crystle :@ You Shutup ,, She will not steal him from vannessa. she just want to make this movie with him !! what a fans. and im waiting for this movie :D:D:D:D GOOD LUCK MILEY I LOVE YA .. You Are The Best. Dont Care What Bad People say about ya. u know urself and we know ya you are great , cool , every good and great things , we can find it in ya.