Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: Behind the Break-Up

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Granted, the break-up of Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston is old news at this point.

In the weeks since, Miley has either rekindled her relationship with Nick Jonas (according to Joe Jonas); or embarked on a single life she's sometimes "lovingg" and sometimes loathing.

Still, it's revealing to revisit the end to her relationship with Gaston, as an insider recently pointed to a photo shoot with Cyrus and Jonas as the beginning of the end for Miley and Justin.

"Miley explained to current beau Justin Gaston after the shoot that she was never truly over Nick and that all her feelings were coming back for him," a source told Fox News, adding that Cyrus returned to Jonas ""almost immediately" after she and Gaston were through.

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Miley Cyrus went from Justin Gaston to Nick Jonas. Do you consider this an upgrade or a downgrade?

This insider continued:

"One day Miley was with Justin, the next she was with Nick again! His family is thrilled with the reunion. Nick's mom always loved Miley and in light of their Disney show, J.O.N.A.S. taking in the ratings lately, the entire Jonas camp is excited. There's a hope that their renewed romance will benefit everyone."

Except for Gaston, of course. He and his chiseled abs are left to fend for themselves now.

As for Cyrus and Jonas?

"They still manage to speak daily and send texts and Tweets all day long to each other," said the source.  "After Nick gets done performing they usually video chat online late into the night.  Every night!  It seems to work for them and both are happier than normal.  They are very sweet together."


im a fan of u both.. but i say: nick deserve better he needs some love and support! no DRAMA! & a girl that acts like a mature adult and does not go posing away her body for a 16 confuse3d girl.. i thought miley was a normal teen so i liked her wayy more than thee other teen stars but shes just like one of them NOW! >=/


I am happy for Miley as she could be treated like an adult and could also find her past happiness. Miley & Nick is so cute together.....


I dont think that i can say anything about if i think she should date who. Its her opinon and if she wants to date nick, she should date nick! Justin, she should date justin! Its her decision and nobody should change that


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hey miley im glad ur back wit nick hes so freaken hot!!!!!!!


so i just heard nick and Miley aren't together but they should be!


I think that she is better off with nick cause they look better with each other and + nick is hotter than justin....


Please, she is better off with nick. you can totally tell justin was rebound and she liked him just enough to make their relationship seem real. she always had feeling for nick jonas.




I don't like them together, if she and him already had a chance together and miley ruined it she dosen't deserve to be with him again. They are to different people, and sorry miley but Nick deserves someoe better. He can't deal with drama and Miley is drama, they need to break up, before someone gets hurt, and plus, its better for everyone. That way everyone is happy! :D I LVOE YOU NICK JONAS

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