Michael Jackson's Ghost Visits Larry King Live

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The conspiracy theorists out there just pulled an Andy Samberg over this.

In the below clip, excerpted from CNN's recent tour of Neverland Ranch, the infamous home of Michael Jackson for many years, Michael's ghost made a surprise appearance and his official afterlife debut on the network's Larry King Live.

That, or someone walked by a window and cast a shadow. Hard to tell.

Larry King was interviewing Jermaine Jackson on his talk show when Michael apparently decided to stop by as well. No word on how Elvis or Tupac are doing, though.

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Kell 101 yo it waz freaky but i dont mind the K.O.P-King Of Pop
wanting to give us a final show like he wanted to do
on This Is IT


I think he is cute and inncocent. I hate the Michael haters of the world, go to hell
Michael lives in heaven now, he needs it. After experiencing hell on Earth


not michael fuck the haters of michael. Shit on you and go to hell


fuck the hater


I just can't stop loving you, it was you I can tell. Creppy music too dude


he is so cool I am bad, Iam bad Come on~


Can not get enough of MJ magic. Love forever Michael and family


not sure it was him but i still love him, HEHE