Michael Jackson Funeral Tickets: Free, Via Random Drawing

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Michael Jackson fans will get a chance to say goodbye to the King of Pop at a public memorial service to be held at L.A.'s Staples Center on Tuesday.

Tickets will be available to the general public and will be free of charge.

Fans from around the world are expected to fly to Los Angeles to say farewell to Jackson, who died at 50 after suffering cardiac arrest on June 25.

Jackson's final rehearsal took place at Staples, where he was prepping for his London tour, sponsored by AEG Live (which owns Staples Center).

Preliminary details of the funeral service are as follows:

  • The main event will be at the Staples Center and will be simulcast at the adjacent Nokia Theatre in the same complex throughout.
  • There is a lottery set up to obtain tickets. You can sign up on the Staples Center website, if it's not crashed by the time you do.
  • 17,500 tickets are available for the event - 11,000 for Staples and 6,500 for Nokia - a maximum of two per person is allowed.
  • If you are one of the 8,750 people selected, you will be given further instructions Sunday. Sounds Mission: Impossible-like.
  • Only U.S. citizens can apply for tickets to Jackson's funeral.
  • Still unclear is whether Jackson's body will be there.

The late Michael Jackson (1958-2009).


Writing a good and interesting. Truly, this is that I want, I'm not wrong again. I will visit you more often. Thank you.


i come frm the uk i loved michael jackson he was truly my inspiration if it wasnt for him i would have never found my singing talent he made me beleive i could do it he made me believe there is magic he made me believe it is real and im only sorry that someone who cares about the world so much had to depart i hope all those who accused him of child molesting i hope you will remember what you did you to an innocent man and that you will have to live with that guilt until the day you die and your soul will still be condemmed even in the after life i may not get to go to the funeral so i will have my own i hope the world will do a two minute silence on the day he died so we show our respect to him god rest in peace micheal love me xx


im close friend of the family of mj all the family would like to say thank you for your deep sorryness texting on this we all loved mj and we thank you for your report please text me on this for any you would like to say to the jackson family god bless you all.


To call Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" is not good enough. Michael Jackson is "THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME!". No One Compares to Michael Jackson and there will never be another artist to even come close...but I hope they continue to try and to learn from "The Greatest Entertainer of All Time". I still can't believe he is gone but his legacy will live on forever. Michael, Rest In Peace and thank you for the gift you have given us all, I thank God I was here to see it. God Bless, Everyone wants somthing free but only few are prepared to give somthing free.........the time will come when you will all be with micheal what you give free lives on... I need 1 Ticket to pay my last respect to Micheal Jackson..I'm from Nigeria and how can I be able to get that Please because this is a tax for me to pay... Live in Peace Micheal by the right hand of Almighty...Love you.... You can reach at hismalihno01@yahoo.com on how am gonna get the ticket...waiting for your response...


HELLO Can anyone tell me how to claim for a free ticket to attend his Funeral? THANK YOU


Sorry for too many comments. I had a computer error. Thought my comments where not been posted. MICHAEL TRIED TO HEAL THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE NOT JUST FOR YOU AND ME BUT THE ENTRE HUMAN RACE.


I met mr jackson in my dream today before he his put to rest and it was so real. So i no longer need the ticket. Want to give chance to other people that seriously wanted to meet him like me. My his soul rest in peace.


we loved Michael so much,and I miss him so much
like my own brother.And inspired me to sing and dance.
and keep trying till you get it right.
and now I can dance just like him


i love him and his music.It made me change my ways


Hello all, As I will not available finally to go from my countrie to the memorial to our biggest star now on heaven, I will give as a gift my ticket to the biggest fan that deserve the best lovely goodbye. I will send some questions to answer. For get it, email me at: michaelfuneral@hotmail.es I will wait for your email. Michael R.I.P.
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