Michael Jackson Funeral Set For Tuesday

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Assuming the plans don't change again, Michael Jackson's private family memorial service will take place at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday at Forest Lawn in L.A.

Immediately after, a motorcade will then go to the Staples Center complex in downtown Los Angeles where the public memorial for him will be held.

Vintage MJ

The family still hasn't decided whether the public memorial service for Michael Jackson will be at the Staples Center or the smaller Nokia Theatre.

A decision on that is expected shortly. There has also been no decision yet on the allocation of tickets to the service, which should be in high demand.

As we reported earlier, the original venue, Neverland, was scratched.

Lots of crazy rumors are going around regarding Michael Jackson's funeral, and the family itself has issued contradictory statements, but we believe this to be the plan, based on the latest reports. More details to come soon, hopefully.


I was deeply saddened by Michael Jackson's death. I have just bought this book The Trials of Michael Jackson which covers his ups and downs throughout his career. Its a touching story and has made me think about life as a whole.


This is what MJ believed: John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. MJ both as a person and even more as an artist is 1000000% christian and owes everything to Christ and nothing to islam. In fact all his artistry and human rights beliefs and efforts are totally anti-islamic. Yet, muslims are so brainwashed to hype at all cost the cause of islamism, they don’t mind to distort facts and reality to serve the Evil ruthless cause of islamic totalitarianism. Grow up muslims! MJ was never ever a muslim in any way but quite the opposite. May Lord Jesus take his soul! Regards


Looking at his pictures I still can't believe he's dead. Michael Jackson is gone but his music will live forever. Peace man!


I am truly heartbroken over the death of Michael jackson, I have been watching all the latest coverage and as many arounf the world I too am mourning over this great loss. As I have been following all the stories I have noticed ALL the pictures of Joe Jackson and I can only feel shame for this man! In all the photos he is posing and waving with a big smile as if this was an awards ceremony and he was the main nominy, I feel sorry for you Mr Jackson, I can only hope you are saddened at the loss of your son and not happy because you are getting all this publicity. As for the BET tribute with Jamie Fox, wel, all I can say is I will pray for you Mr Fox, you have turned this extremely sad situation into one of color, EVERYONE around the world is hurting sir, and how dare you think we arent! Michael Jackson made the song We are the world with the intention of getting past this "our people", "your people", I sincerely hope you can.


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