Michael Jackson Died in Dr. Conrad Murray's Bed

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Michael Jackson spent his final hours in Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom. In his personal physician's bed, as a matter of fact, investigators are saying.

Law enforcement sources say Jackson did not want people going in and out of his room, so he used Murray's bedroom when he received his IV of Propofol.

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Dr. Conrad Murray administered the powerful anesthesia to Jackson - as he was doing almost nightly - hours before he died, as the singer lay in his bed.

Emergency workers found an IV stand, an empty IV bag and oxygen tanks in Murray's room. Cops found a secret stash of Propofol and other drugs hidden in a closet connected to Murray's room in their searches after Michael passed away.

At some point, Dr. Conrad Murray left the room when Jackson was receiving an IV drip of Propofol and the doctor may have even fallen asleep. Cops believe by the time he woke, Michael Jackson's heart may have already stopped beating.

Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning. Law enforcement believes the doc may have regularly gone there at night to administer Propofol via IV so he could sleep.

Law enforcement officials believe that Dr. Conrad Murray may have discovered Michael Jackson around 9 a.m. on June 25 the day of the singer's death.

One theory cops are working on in their massive manslaughter investigation is that after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead, Dr. Murray called two employees in Houston and told them to remove boxes from his storage unit.

Both women - LaQuisha Middleton and her sister, LaQuanda Price - say Dr. Murray did not call them, but police think that's dubious. The stories of these women conflict. One says a box of needles was retrieved; the other, a chair.

As for what may have been in the boxes, law enforcement is investigating whether Dr. Murray had Propofol delivered to his Houston medical office ... possibly put in his storage unit ... and then FedEx'd to Los Angeles as needed.

Dr. Conrad Murray rented the storage unit April 1 and staff went back on four different occasions before Jackson's death. Law enforcement remains on the hunt for evidence of Propofol when they searched Dr. Conrad Murray's home and offices.

According to the search warrants, authorities were looking for, among other things, "records, shipping orders, distribution lists, use records relating to the purchase, transfer, receiving, ordering, delivery and storage of PROPOFOL."

The warrant also stated officials were looking to prove a number of alleged violations, including "prescribing to an addict" and "excessive prescribing."


I first of all would like to extend my condolences to the Jackson Family. And I would especially like to extend my condolences to Katherine Jackson. As a mother I can’t imagine how I would handle it if either of my daughters were to pass away before me. And as a fan I will miss him as an icon which whom I grew up listening to nearly all my life and seeing his unique dance moves on music videos. MJ had a God-given talent and the voice of an angel. I thank God that Michael shared his gift with the world. My only regret is that I never had the opportunity to see him perform live. I pray the truth will be revealed to his family members as to what happened in his home the day he was called home to heaven. And I also pray justice be done as far as Dr. Conrad Murray’s part in this.


Yes your right we no the Dr killed him,,but what stands out in my mind is the dr should have new not to leave this iv in Michael arm over night!!!what stupid moron wold do this?and a nother thing that really bothers me is this is this Dr new M j was dead when he got thare!!he just waited around thinking of some lie he can come up with to save hes on self.........but he did not call for help for Michael, right away,this is what is so wrong about this! if he had called for help right,maybe Michael could have been saved,this dr need some long prison time for this!!!!!!!!


Why can't everyone wait until all of or cornors reports are out before pointing a finger? Just wait! whatever the conclusions are i truly believe in my heart Dr. Murray did not intentionally mean to do harm to Michael who was a friend of his. This is an unfortunate situation. I miss michael dearly and i also feel empathy for Dr. Murray who had taken this position for financial reasons as well as for an opportunity of a lifetime.
my prayers are for the entire Jackson family and for Dr. Murray


Look people, there is another doctor and his assistant that started selling this drug to mj, it will all come out,just wait and see!!

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