Michael Jackson Dead When Paramedics Arrived; Secret Drug Stash Found at Singer's House

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When paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson's house, he was already dead and it took them a while to even realize the victim was the music icon, new reports say.

Jackson was flatlined when the paramedics arrived shortly after noon PST on June 25. There was no electrical activity in Michael's heart and no sign of life.

Michael Jackson Autopsy Findings

Paramedics wanted to pronounce him dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, insisted the singer be transported to the hospital.

As a higher medical authority than the EMTs, Dr. Conrad Murray had the power to overrule them. So it went and EMT personnel could not "call it" at his home.

Paramedics didn't realize for nearly 10 minutes the victim was Michael Jackson. As one emergency worker put it: "It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man."

Meanwhile, law enforcement sources continuing to investigate Conrad Murray say he kept a stash of drugs - including the powerful anesthesia Propofol, which they think stopped Michael Jackson's heart - hidden in his closet.

Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson's home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in his house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the incriminating statements he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant, police are saying.

Cops returned to the house the next Monday and found "various drugs" clandestinely stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Conrad Murray stayed.

Dr. Murray himself apparently told detectives about the closet when interviewed, triggering the search and ultimately a manslaughter investigation against him.

A law enforcement source tells TMZ that "The drugs were concealed... they weren't obvious." Among the stash - Propofol, the drug they believe killed Jackson.


This garbage was posted on TMZ's website. I am not buying into any comments that these trashy internet magazines are paying for from their SOURCES. I will watch CNN, a credible news source on the day the coroner and LAPD release their reports about Michael and his death. All this rumor, gossip and speculation is ridiculous.


Of course he was dead by the time they arrived there; I always knew that, because was to obvious !!!
When they realized it , they PANIC, tried to COVER UP THE CRIME, ROBBED HIM of whatever valuable they could find, hid the EVIDENCE OF MURDER.......(in vain!). They could not even tell paramedics, WHO THE VICTIM WAS !!!.....because they were TERRIFIED > knowing WHAT was COMING!.......
What a sad, tragic end of a such HUMAN BEING, who suffered so much when was alive !!!
Finally..... "PETER PAN" CAN SLEEP.....FOREVER.....IN PEACE !!!.....
Thanks so much for the good memories !


Michael Jackson is dead. Can we change this? No. Would it be different if they found out that he was indeed murdered? Of course! We need to know the truth!


I cant believe that the paramedics didnt relise it was Michael for nearly 10 minutes!!!!!!!! Poor Michael!


Well I sure hope that these dangerous drugs were concealed from everybody else living in that house. Not only that they should've been kept under lock and key.

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