Melissa Rycroft: Worst. Bride. Ever.

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Considering how her engagement to Jason Mesnick went, it's no wonder that Melissa Rycroft is hesitant to plan too far into the future with Tye Strickland.

But the former Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant told People last night that her fiance is moving ahead with wedding plans on his own, much to her contentment.

"Tye is planning more than I am," Rycroft said."At this point, I'm probably the worst bride in the history of brides... I don't know if we'll get married ever by the way that I plan it!"

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Such a Cute Couple

Might Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski actually beat Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland down the aisle? Anything is possible! [Photos: Fame Pictures]


OMG what an idiot! whoever posted this article is a big ass fucking idiot. What a flawless way to ruin the ending of the bachelorette. FYI, I live in Canada and the season Finale is not until Monday, July 27th. LMFAO now people will know who wins. IDIOT.IDIOT.IDIOT.


There's only one thing about Melissa Rycroft. If dancing is part of your day, then, Melissa and Tony were suppose to be married and become two for her dancing feet. When she did, she'll tell you how 11 weeks had been and then, she'll tell her story on various talk shows and on tv guide network that Melyssa and Tony were perfect dancing couples. But Britney Spears, Vanessa Carlton, Kirsten Dunst, Madonna, Bonnie Franklin, Shakira, Bess Motta and Lauren Conrad top the list for 8 male dancers and for Lacey, The Artist formerly known as Prince...Rogers Nelson that is from Purple Rain. I do want to know why Melissa Rycroft had dancing shoes because a bachelor wanted Tony Dovolani as her own?

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