Megan Fox Hypes New Movie, Girl-on-Girl Action

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Forget your thinking caps, movie fans.

For Jennifer's Body, the upcoming horror flick written by Diablo Cody, you just need your sexy shoes. Isn't that right, Megan Fox?

"I think I'm pretty sexy in it," the actress said at last week's Comic-Con press conference. "The movie is SO sexy! You better put on your sexy shoes for this movie!"

Jennifer's Body Actress

Megan Fox + tight black dress X vampire fangs = total hotness!

What makes the film so sexy? Fox has one hyphenated word for men everywhere: girl-on-girl.

"There's sort of a hint of, a little bit of a lesbian relationship that happens. There's a girl-on-girl kiss," Fox said of her character, a demonic high school cheerleader, and the girl played by Amanda Seyfried. "Beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs. The boys have to be seduced to get in close enough to the dead girl in order for her to devour them."

As for horror movies in general, they typically don't appeal to Fox.

"I actually have a very intense fear of the dark. he last horror movie I saw was in 2005, and I was 15 years old. After I saw it, I slept with my mother for two weeks afterwards!"

Man, how lucky is Fox's mother?!?


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she's perfection? well yeah, I think we all would be perfect if we also got plastic surgeries :) (plz don't say she hasn't had any, you know she has).. I'm actually more excited about seeing amanda in this movie! :D she is hot and all natural, now that's sexy!


I'd like to give her a little girl on girl action


Oh and I agree with Tina. Please take off all the makeup and even her clothes so we can inspect her for flaws!!! LMAO!!


Its not that we haven't seen a half decent looking girl before, But its not everyday that you see perfection and thats why I thank good that shes in movies cause we get to watch her any time we want.


Yes Liz - I am getting so sick of Megan Fox. She needs to get over herself. From what I hear about her in interviews, talking about how weak and pathetic all men are, she sounds like a bitch with a stick up her ass. Yeah, she's physically hot, but she seems to have no kind of personality and a little too stuck up. Maybe that's because all you idiots worship her like you've never seen a half decent-looking girl before.


Lizz, I agree with you! I'd like to see her without all of that makeup she usually has piled upon her face lol.


omg she is so hot;)


Oh yes Lizz, I think she is that hot! I hated Transformers 2 but I could watch her all day long. I am looking forward to Jennifer's Body.


Oh right! Hahaha she must be 18 or 19 now then. Totally makes sense! lol does anyone else think she's not really that good looking?

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