Magazine Says Robert Pattinson "Really Wants His Costar"

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Ready to play America's favorite celebrity gossip game?!?

Tabloids across the country are engaged in a battle of Let's Speculate on Robert Pattinson's Love Life!

Despite a lack of sources that are willing to provide their names or connections to the actor, numerous publications continue to run cover stories on whether or not he's dating costar Kristen Stewart.

Earlier this week, for example, OK! claimed Stewart was practicing her art of seduction in order to win Robert back.

Days prior to that report, Life & Style said the relationship was over. Millions of Twilight fans across the nation wept, as did those that still believe in journalistic integrity.

Now, People is jumping into the false-reporting fray. Its latest issue pretends to cover Pattinson's "messy love life," especially his "hookups, rumors and a love triangle."

In the end, at least, the magazine states that Robert really just wants his costar. We assume that means Stewart. Then again, it could be a reference to Remember Me's Emilie de Ravin. Uh-oh. Let the speculation begin anew...

Pretty in People

Robert Pattinson has a messy love life. In less cover-worthy news, Walter Cronkite died last week.


Their are goode and we cann se it!!!! They're chemsery dosn't lye!!!!!!!!


Robsten should be together. I think that they have great great chemistry. they look so cute together they are a perfect match. But there are so many rumors about them. Can anyone tell me what is the truth about them breakin up did they really break up ever or are they still together?


How in the world do all of you "know" they are good together? Have you met them both personally? Have you seen them together when NOT in publicity overdrive? It amazes me when people attribute characteristics to people they have never even met. It is possible for them to be complete a-holes. Not saying they are but nobody other than the people close to them would know.


Foreteen is yung; Im oalder and know Rubert an Kathleens' luv eachother--there are like Rumatoid and julat and uthers and well last meny yeres!!!!!!!


Hahaha, I sincerely hope the posters here are no older than 14. If so, this would be a sad commentary on a generation that clearly doesn't know the difference between fantasy and reality--truth and fiction.


They're love livs is vera impotent for us to read of. It is so strung and ture and others will be jelaus of it. Go Rupert and Kristeyn for lovs!


I go for robsten i have heard enough of all these rumors what is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im getting serioulsy bored of hearing about their love lives! Sorry ?


really want to know what the big surprise is with rob and kristen. and i hope that emile old woman is not present there with them. can't wait to see rob and kristen together. in my book, they are always together and they can't deny the way they look at one another. just because they don't come out and say it. what is dating anyway. just what they are doing, being together constantly.


Robsten needs to be together. they are willing too risk all odds in the movie and book so they should feel the same way in real life. the two make such a great couple. that is why there are so many pics and slideshows of them on YOUTUBE. People make videos of them because they think they are great together. They need to feel the love between themselves or the third twilgiht movie, eclipse, just won't be the same. even though they are acting. it just won't feel right to anyone. ROBSTEN TOGETHER!

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