Laurel Kagay: I am Not Wes Hayden's Girlfriend!

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Austin, Tex., resident Laurel Kagay was just minding her own business and watching The Bachelorette Monday. Then suddenly, her name was mentioned.

In a hilariously staged return, ousted suitor Jake Pavelka came back to tell Jillian Harris that Wes Hayden, a remaining contender, had a girlfriend.

Her name is Laurel, Jake told Jillian and millions of viewers. Wes denied he is dating her. Jake ratted him out anyway. Laurel Kagay sat in shock at home.

“I was like, ‘What?’” Laurel told People in an interview today. “There was this pause before he said my name - and then he said it quite a few times.”

Laurel Kagay, owner of Peach Body Boutique in Austin, would like to clear the air on this topic, which has dominated the contrived Bachelorette for weeks.

She dated Wes Hayden for three years, but they are broken up, and have been for quite a while now. The two became strictly friends a year ago, she said.

“I’m absolutely not with Wes, nor would I be with Wes if he were going on a show to be with another girl,” she says. “That’s absolutely crazy.”

So how did Jake Pavelka get things mixed up?

“I think he was paid by the producers to come on the show and confront Wes definitely upset about not being on the show anymore,” Laurel theorized.

Wes Hayden, Jillian Harris

Laurel Kagay insists that she and Wes Hayden - who has caught considerable flak for romancing Jillian Harris while supposedly dating Laurel - are not an item.

“And I think Wes did say something about his ex-girlfriend. Maybe he said he still cares about me or whatever. Maybe Jake blew that into something else.”

However, Laurel Kagay admits, “We are really good friends and we do go out to lunch together, so I could see how people could think we’re together.”

Oddly enough, Laurel is also linked to another famous name in The Bachelor franchise - Brad Womack, the Texan who chose no one on his season finale.

Laurel Kagay has also dated Collin Evans, who was briefly a contender on The Bachelorette’s third season with Jen Schefft. Sounds like she has a type!

As for Wes Hayden, who The Bachelorette has presented as the ultimate bad boy, Laurel says, “They have not shown Wes’ real personality at all. He’s so funny. When we were together, we were always laughing and having fun."

"I never worried about him cheating on me.”

“She seems to have fun and has a good personality,” Laurel says of Jillian Harris, “and he’s really fun and funny. Too bad all this craziness had to go down.”


i need a shower after reading all the hate here. too little info for all these folks to be trotting out their righteous judgments. i've worked in sound editing. with a modicum of creativity, you can make mary poppins come across as hitler. does everyone here believe that abc is only interested in showing us the "truth"? skepticism is your real friend here.


As you saw on TV. He could only act for so long before the true redneck came out of him. Never trust rednecks for they are the Ca Ca Roaches in America!


I went to High School with Laurel. She was a coked out whore, looks like not much has changed. Sad.


For all you Wes haters, you should listen to this podcast: It may not convince you 100%, but it will shed some truth...


Wow- aren't we all judgmental. I will buy your music- despite what happened on the show. Yep, he probably didn't use good judgment with his words- but we all say things sometimes that we wished we wouldn't have. We- the viewers only got to see a glimpse of him- I certainly can't say that I got to know the "true" Wes by watching a few hours of T.V.
I think things worked out for the best- Jillian's man is still on the show (Ed).


pretty shitty of wes family to cover and lie for him


I still think Wes is a jerk ,he needsto watch what he says before he speaks,he just ssaid when leaving in the limo ,i remained the last top four with a girlfriend but watch out spain im a free man tonight, how stuipd you are feel sorry for you Lauralyou as stuipd as him .Jillian you go girl and choose Reed.


the bachelorette didnt MAKE him look like a loser! This guy is a loser, all of the things that he said and the way he acted on the show pretty much proved that! I hope his music career goes down the drain after all this! Shame on him for playing with someones heart and using her to further his career!


this is BULL!! wes told her to say all of this.. he told ALL the guys he had a girlfriend because he didn't need to be on the show anymore because he got everything he needed for his band!! then after he got kicked off he said he had a girlfriend.. dont do take backs you idiot!!!!!!!!!
i wouldn't even download his music for FREE!!


I agree...I think this was possibly the worst career move of all time and women will not buy Wes's music, now or EVER...what a dumb- a@#...and as for the girlfriend, he seems to think they're a couple, do the lies ever straighten our between these two? He is a loser, and he shot himself in the foot...and his career in the a*#.

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