Lack of Motive Slowing Sahel Kazemi-Steve McNair Case

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Investigators are hesitant to conclude that Steve McNair’s girlfriend Sahel Kazemi killed the NFL star and herself because she didn’t appear to have a motive.

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    There was no need for the wife to do anything, this was evidently only a fling, getting a piece of ass on the side with no promises. She is just like any other groupie - gold digger and when she discovered she was not the only one she flipped..........What else is new. He just happens to be a popular quarterback.........


    There really was no reason for this 20 year old to do this. she went from being a server at a resturaunt driving a kia to being steve mc nairs girlfriend driving a cadillac escalade. even if he wasent going to leave his wife she still had it made he was odviously fucking her and to buy he an escalade the pussy had to be good. its a real shame cause i actually did like mcnair he was a great QB . case looks fishy to me. Id definatly look at the wife she is some how involved in this and her lack of appearance proves it. she is covering her bases.


    It was the wife.....Making it look like it was the girlfriend....


    Maybe she killed him because she found out he wasn't really getting a divorce and wanted him to get one but he wouldn't. She she wanted to marry him but he wouldn't get a divorce there's a motive right there.

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