Kim Kardashian Kan't See Kolor, Kan't Believe Kritical Komments

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Last week, in an effort to prove that she's more than just a pair of large breasts, Kim Kardashian took a trip to Africa to help feed hungry families there.

Upon her return, she was faced with a series of critical remarks about her relationship with Reggie Bush, an African-American.

"I don't understand it because I was raised to not see color," she told a Fox affiliate in New York. "But you're still faced with it."

Kim Kardashian doesn't see color. But she has a sharp eye for PR opportunities.

What, exactly, did folks say?

"All the comments were, 'How dare she go to Africa,' and it's just like, you know what, I can't believe that charity work is being judged, and I can't believe people would even comment on that and I think it's really disgusting," Kim said.

We agree. But we also question the existence of these comments. Has anyone out there read a critical word about Kim and Reggie?

Fortunately, the reality TV star will carry on. She has a positive attitude.

"I hope by the time Reggie and I have kids, things will be different."


come on people...Who writes this crapola???I think the Hollywood gossip is taking a down turn.


skin color does not matter one bit we come in all colors shapes and sizes and everyone is unique and different.:)nobody has the right to judge anyone except for themselves.


Im a black women and couldnt care less about reggie dating outside of his race. Really its no ones business but their own....but him dating a useless p0rnstar who will do anything for an extention on her 15 mins isnt a good look...I think people look for the racist comments as a cop out for the real reason no one respected kim k going to africa...She was all dressed up the entire opt of course! if cameras werent present would she have gone? dont think so


I have seen racist comments posted at various forums regarding Kim & Reggie's relationship not from the forum hosts just for random posters.


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