Khloe Kardashian Might Pose Naked, Definitely Lost Weight

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We've seen Kim Kardashian nude in Playboy.

Will her sister soon follow (birthday) suit?

"I like doing things for a reason, and not just because someone gave me a big check," Khloé told E! this week when asked about baring it all. "So I personally will say, not right now, but I can't say never."

It's hard to figure out why anyone would pose for Playboy for any reason other than to receive a big check, but let's move on.

Remember, Khloe did get naked in a PETA ad late last year. She says she lost 20 pounds for that campaign. How so?

"I've changed my eating," she said. "Eating is my hardest problem. I need sweets. That's my major problem. And I've been killing myself at the gym."

The slimmed-down star will have a chance to show off the new body in her upcoming, sisterly reality show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami.

"I actually was in a bikini on camera!" she said. "I've never done that and I wouldn't have ever thought to do that. And I have to admit, I was still insecure... I've just got to tone up more, but I never would have done that before - ever. I would rather have died."

You can see Khloe alongside a bikini-clad Kourtney below. Take a close look and then answer the poll question that follows...

Sell Outs

Which sister would you prefer to sleep with?


its funny that these girls or dudes are hating, knowin damn well khloe on her worst day looks better then you girls will on your wedding day,


i think you need to learn how to spell money cheque;


all of the kardashians are beautiful pleople including khloe!!!!!! khloe is gorgeous and i admire her sooooooooooo much for having lost soooo much weight, im trying so hard to get where you are and it's really no joke to get rid of those extra kgs. khloe, i say do whatever you want because you are gorgeous,you were stunning in your PETA shoot and you are still stunning now. you always have been and you always will be. dont give a damn about what any1 else thinks!


I think u are all bitchs that don't like khloe I think she's the hottest of them all she has all the good curves I wish I was as sexy as her khloe if u read this I just want to say I love and respect u and u are a damn fine woman and these bitchs are just jealous and u are HOTT and if u were to be in playboy I would buy it the only one ever I just think people can be so mean but I think your very cute and hope to see u more I just had to say that cause people are so lame if they can't see how HOTT u are


will you haters stop hating.... come on the girl is as hot as her sisters.... its in their blood.....she is hotttttttttttt....go 4 it girl.....




Oh please god,we dont want to see that ugly famewhore naked,in fact,we dont want to see her at all,pleeeeaaase stop this worthless crap.And please H-wood gossip,STOP writing about that gross famewhoring family,the are n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

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