Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa: Engaged!

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What did you do this morning? Wake up, drink a cup of coffee, brush your teeth?

Well, Kevin Jonas may have done all those things, too, but he added another important errand to his list: he proposed to Danielle Deleasa!

As first reported by People, the singer showed up at his girlfriend’s doorstep in New Jersey early this morning and dropped to his knee to ask for her hand in marriage with a cushion-cut diamond ring. Her response?

“She said yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row," Jonas said.

Kevin arrived in Jersey hours after entertaining fans in Vancouver, a concert he admits "was tough...  knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world."

As for Deleasa, who met Kevin in the Bahamas in 2007, she said of the engagement: “It still feels like a dream.”

Brother Nick Jonas, meanwhile, is pretty much back together with Miley Cyrus. Will he be the next to get hitched? Stay tuned!

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im soooo happy for kevin!!! hes always been my favorite:D and if people wanna say bad things about him, then why bother to comment?? isnt that stupid. its better for a true fan to show respect to him. i love you kevin! muah!!


OH wow this is so cool. One of the jonases in getting married!! that is so sweet


He's only known her for like 2 years and just barely turned 21?!?! Sounds to me like somebody can't wait any longer to finally have


I knew it. ijust knew it would happen, they are a perfect couple. and kevin is completely in LOVE with her. i am so so happy for them. Danielle is a nice and sweet girl. When i first heard it on T.V and it was (REAL) this time and not a rumor. i begin to smile and i gotten so excited. i can't wait 'till the wedding. i am so happy for the both and i wish them all i luck in the world and love and happiness.:) i LOVE the jonas brothers with all my heart and always will. i support kevin and danielle. Congradulations! TEAM JONAS ;) peace ;)


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww their so cute


live happly ever after


i wish for them life to live happly ever after


heyy i just think that is so bad and he is so young i cant beleve it. he is setting a bad itzaplo for his brothers nick if you see this i


that is so wired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a nice girl to


Congrats, Kevin!
I may not like him, but he deserve to be happy.

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