Katherine Heigl is a Whiner

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Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl recently lamented the 17-hour day she spent on the set of her hit show on the first day back from its summer hiatus.

In fact, the Emmy winner kept bringing this up, only half-jokingly, during her press tour to promote her new movie, The Ugly Truth. It was a little weird.

Heigl on Today

Well, what if the 17-hour day in question was Katherine's own fault? Oh yes, really. It turns out the "cruel" shooting schedule was only to accommodate her.

The producers of Grey's Anatomy actually graciously shuffled things so she could go off and promote The Ugly Truth, paying a ton of overtime in the process.

Katherine Heigl is known for her acting talent. And loud mouth.

Then again, Heigl was "totally kidding" when she told journalists, talk show hosts and everyone who would listen that she wanted to "embarrass" the show.

Much like it was probably all a joke when she didn't submit her name for Emmy Award consideration the year after winning for "lack of sufficient material."

Hilarious, indeed. Yes, Katherine Heigl pictures are hot. But she needs to shut her yap once in awhile and stop bashing the show that made her famous.


rockin movie


The economy is tanking, jobs are going overseas, Middle American lifestyle (on which your petty HW gossip is predicated) is eroding, our standard of living is declining, and the Chinese just about own us, and you are worried about what made some TV star famous???????????????????????????????????????????? This is WHY American is declining, because of out-of-touch morons such as you.


I love her character on the show BUT her attitude, arrogance, and her outbursts are overshadowing her character, making it less believable.


i never heard of her before grey's anatomy and neither did anyone i know. she needs to start showing some appreciation, there are loads of people without work. its getting to a point where her character on the show is not believable as we all know she thinks she's too good to be on the show..


A big question mark to the first commenter. She would be nothing without Grey's. More on ungrateful Heigl here: http://www.celebsession.com/20...


in what universe did it not make her famous. she was not a total unknown, but clearly would not be headlining huge movies if it were not for greys. come on brad. she is biting the hand that feeds her.


...that show didn't make her famous. she was in other notable things before greys anatomy. and i'm fully aware of her and i've never seen an episode in my life.
this website is becoming more and more annnoying, and this coming from a gay man who LoVeS gossip.
maybe free britney or hilton hater should get off that pedestal they've built for themselves.


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