Kate Major Resigns Because of Jon Gosselin; Romance is News to Hailey Glassman

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Kate Major, the reporter who has allegedly started dating Jon Gosselin in the past week, has resigned from her position at Star Magazine, effective today.

"Star Magazine Senior Reporter Kate Major resigned this morning, Thursday, July 23, citing a conflict of interest between her reporting duties for the magazine and her relationship with Jon Gosselin," reads a statement on Star's website.

Conflict of interest? That implies Star had credibility to begin with.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major were first spotted Saturday at NYC restaurant Accademia di Vino, then made headlines this week when they had dinner in the Hamptons with Michael Lohan and Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin.

"I think it's authentic," Zarin told Us Weekly of Gosselin's relationship with Kate Major. "I think it's fast. I think it happened very quickly."

Gosselin has yet to confirm a romance with Major, but the news comes less than a week after Gosselin admitted he was dating Hailey Glassman, the stoner daughter of the surgeon who performed soon-to-be-ex-wife Kate's tummy tuck.

Kate Major, Jon Gosselin

WHAT A PLAYER: Not only is Jon Gosselin apparently dating two chicks at the same time, he is still married to someone else! And has eight kids with her! Classy.

As if this story weren't hilarious and weird enough as it is, no one was more surprised to hear about Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend than Hailey Glassman herself.

"That's news to me," Glassman told People when she asked about the rumors that Kate Major, 26, is now an item with Jon Gosselin. Talk about awkward, People.

Us Weekly quotes Major as confirming the relationship, saying: "I didn't mean it to happen, it just did. I went to do a story on him and ended up falling for Jon."

Just a few days ago, Hailey Glassman, 22, was gushing about Jon: "This is perfect. It just fits," she said, possibly confusing him with her mouth and a bong.

Although Hailey knew that Jon and Kate Major were hanging out in the Hamptons together this week, she didn't realize the trip may have turned romantic.

"I still love Jon and Jon loves me," a teary Glassman said.

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Good Grief! The guy is low and the women he is trolling for are even lower...
This is what "fame" makes of a person? Let him crawl back into the hole he came out of. Who is the victim in this train wreck? Those kids! Both Jon and Kate have used their children for their own purposes. Just hope we hard working, real-job-holding taxpayers won't eventually have to foot the bill for all their psychoanalysis. Get a job, Jon!


man I see this Jon guy everywhere and didn't even know who the hell he was except he was called Jon and on every freakin magazine and tv channel gossip news i unfortunately flip through, i guess so-called reality tv is the new tom cruise, blah http://www.imdb.com/name/nm154...
porn star kiilerz


I just hope he's wrapping IT up nice and tightly. While he prolly deserves to catch a case of herpes (I guess he might already have), the world might still be able to feed its hungry without adding another Gosselin brood to the mix. Aren't there laws in most states that say a sperm donor (I dare not call him a Father anymore) doesn't have to pay child support once he's reached a certain amount of children? In my state it's 10 kids. Almost there, Jonny Boy! Women Beware!!!


I feel badly for the children, but Kate ask for this. There is no man that I know will stand still for being treated like a dog indefinately.


Ha ha ha!!! I'm so excited! Jon has pretty much proven he's willing to "date" anyone who's willing to give it up to him. This is a complete train wreck and in no way can I avert my eyes from watching this slow crash and burn. Or not so slow. In any case, Jon just keep comin' with the entertainment factor, and I can appreciate it. He's cheating on "Miss" Glassman already with someone who is clearly also after his children's $ (I mean, they earned it and all) and he's still married to good ol' K8, and has 8 children! I'm assuming at least this one is closer to his age, and almost anyone has got to be a step up from Glassman. Hooray for u, Jon! U douchebag, U!


I think he is just feeling like a free bird and wants to fly. I know watching the show Kate never let the man have a minute to his self. He in my opinion should have acted like a man a long time ago. It is OK to be a family man but stand up and be a man. He always acted afraid of her and she wasn't a warm women. I feel sorry for all the kids.


I dont feel sorry for him at al...I think he is getting all these woman because they feel sorry for him, thats about it. They will realize what they are getting themselves into when all those kids ruin their dates. A WOMAN WITH ALL OF THOSE KIDS HAS TO BE ANGRY AT SOME POINT SO HE TAKES THE BRUNT OF IT. he needs to help her more I would run the other way if i saw him


i think that its okay for her to be rude if my man was to cheat and do something behind my back i would be rude everyday and leave him no matter what cost once he step in with another women thats the day that i leave so i don't see why micaela is so mad over this problem but yeah its not who is to say or what u want to happend its here lifes not ours so let them make the choices.....




Remember jon being interviewed on the last show, how he implied he was a payboy before his marriage? Bet he was messing around behind Kate's back when she was busy raising the kids. He's lower than a skunk. Always thought he acted very sulky and like he didn't want anything to do with the kids on the show. As others have said, his children will find out what a scumbum he is all on their own in the future. What a sorry excuse for a dad. He's acting like a teenager in heat. No class whatsoever.