Kara DioGuardi: Confirmed for American Idol

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A former American Idol contestant clams the show is rigged.

We cannot confirm or deny this accusation, but we can report the following series-related news:

Kara DioGuardi is coming back to the judges' table.

Following weeks of rumors and questions about her status, a source told E! News that DioGuardi is on board for season nine.

"Her deal is done. There are no ifs, ands or buts," the insider said. "Done. She will be back."

Does the return of DioGuardi make you happy or sad?

Perhaps a look back at her most memorable, bare-skinned moment on American Idol last season will sway your opinion in one direction or the other...

Kara and Katrina on Stage
Finale Trio

i love kara i would do anything to meeeet her


I like Kara alot. I know that there are die-hard Paula fans, but I think that as the show goes on people will get used to kara and come around, especially since Paula's contract isn't going to be renewed this season.
She's a very intelligent person who is kind and considerate.


PLease take this woman Dioguardi out. She is annoying as hell. I couldn't believe how she tried to compete with 'whatshername Darrow'? Dioguardi is like 80 years old compare to Darrow and she keeps trying to compete with a child. Get a life Keira Dioguadi. You're an idiot and you're bringing down the show. Please let Paula stay she is much more attractive and classy.


Please keep Paula, she is a lovely person and sensible. Let go of Kara, let her wander off into the sunset,she talks all the time. Get her off the show,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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