Former Lesbian Lover of Hailey Glassman to Jon Gosselin: Watch Your Back!

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Joy Lawlor, who claims she was Hailey Glassman’s lesbian lover for three years, has a stern warning for Jon Gosselin: Hailey will wreck your life!

“You are wasting your time with Hailey. She’ll destroy you,” Joy said.

Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin went public after Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they were ending their marriage on an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Jon, 32, took Hailey, 22, to France over the weekend. Meanwhile details of Hailey’s wild party girl past thrust her into the spotlight back home.

Now Joy Lawlor is warning Jon Gosselin that he has no idea what he’s stepped into and that Hailey Glassman is just using him to become famous.

“The last thing Jon needs to do is stick around that woman,” Lawlor said in an interview with Radar Online. “Hailey will use him to make herself famous and then she will leave him for someone else she can profit from."

Joy Lawlor, Hailey Glassman and some random dude. [Photo: Radar Online]

“Anyone, be they male or female, is a target. She just wants to make people do whatever she wishes. That’s what she is going to do to Jon. The best thing he could do is get as far away as possible from her. She is just toxic.”

Joy Lawlor, 23, was at student at Indiana University.

There's where Hailey contacted her through MySpace.

“I was 18, studying biology and I put on my profile that I was a lesbian,” she said. “Hailey said she was interested in going to IU. She also said she was interested in lesbianism. When she finally joined IU she said it had mainly been because of me."

“We became close and began making out in my apartment. Soon she told me she loved me,” says Joy, but things started to go downhill. “It was Hailey who introduced me to cocaine. I did it with her in her dorm room. She was also smoking marijuana.”

This class act? We would never have guessed ...

Lawlor said of Hailey: “For a girl so young she was very wild, both for drugs and for sex. She kept saying that I was her first lesbian love but I didn’t believe her."

“I was having a great time with Hailey at IU and all my lesbian friends liked her. But having one girl clearly wasn’t enough for Hailey, she kept begging me to have threesomes with her and another girl." That's how it always unravels ...


We don't really know what is going on bwteeen Jon and Kate. Kate may appear to be a dominate woman, but I think wih that many kids you would almost have to be. She is super organized and I think that can make a person rigid. I don't know how they did it before the show and how she is doing it now. I would like to hope that Jon is sincere, but I have a bad feeling that he is not. Money talks and BS walks. I hope that they can go through some kind of marriage counsiling or something. Those poor kids.


i think jon is just mean to his wife kate it does not matter what anyone wants to say its just an oerwhelming task caring for so many small tots at once. sometimes this may take precedence over ur best of mate. its no use running away from the situation or blaming his wife he is just too laid back nd nonassertive he deserves to b treated like a child fromwhat i se .dont change kate to please anyone .u will bounce back! i hope all his fun will not end up in sorrow.


What a God...he left Kate for THAT???? She is so fugly. I hope he wakes up and realizes that he lost the best thing in his life...his kids and his wife. What a JERK.


I met Hailey at IU one time... she said she never paid for drinks because she would just make out with Joy and guys would buy them. Then, on the way back to my boyfriend's frat house, she lost her underwear, though she claimed she didn't know how. Then she talked about how she had smoked crack out of a lightbulb. So classy.


Lol he met her on myspace hahahahahabab

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