Jon Gosselin Returns Home, is Douchebag

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After a crazy week and a half of galavanting around with his new mediocre girlfriends (plural) Jon Gosselin finally returned home to see his eight kids.

Smoking a cigarette, Jon was spotted Tuesday in Wernersville, Pa., at a car wash, a UPS store and the bank, as well as the Gosselins' home, of course.

Here's the newly-single role model back on his home turf, looking as classy as ever and showing the world why he has become such a true player ...

Grade A Douchebag

How can any woman resist Jon Gosselin? [Photo: Splash News Online]

Jon had been in New York City, where he recently set up shop in a bachelor pad on the Upper West Side and found himself embroiled in serious gossip.

After being spotted with 22-year-old stoner Hailey Glassman, and parading her around France during a "business" trip, Jon Gosselin was then romantically linked to a Star Magazine reporter, Kate Major, who resigned due to a "conflict of interest."

Jon confirmed that he is in a relationship with Kate Major, but then did an abrupt 180 and said he is single - and vowing to stay out of the headlines.

"It's crazy," he said. "I don't want [eight-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. It's dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what's going on."

A little late for that, Jon.

Perhaps he should have reexamined these priorities before he cheated on his wife with Deanna Hummel, let alone dated two girls at the same time 15 seconds after filing for divorce. Better get the sextuplets started on therapy ASAP.


"How can any woman resist Jon Gosselin?" Well put it this way... he has a huge bald patch, his hair doesnt sit right, he has a gut, flabby thighs and a big fat butt... it looks kind of like he may have a touch of down syndrome, he has a double chin, he smokes, drinks and can't speak properly... Oh believe me, he is very resistable. The only reason these young girls get with him is because of his fame and money. No 20yr old would go for a fat, bald, middle aged man with 8 kids otherwise... trust me.


It is so strange, all of this publicity over him and women after him. When I first saw a picture of him I thought he had downs syndrome.


I agree with joyce, his kids have already googled him and they know what he is doing. I am sure they don't understand it, but hey know. jon should remember the faith he once claimed to be a very big part of his life. Obviously he gave up going to church and having God as part of his life. People of strong faith do not act like jon gosselin.


I have been where Kate is, what Jon does not realize his children already know what kind of man he is. Children are not stupid and they unfortunately do not forget the things they see and hear. For these kids it is worse, since it all is being played out in the public eye. I am sure Kate is trying her best to keep the "normality" in her children's and her life, which is all really she has control over.


My god, he sure thinks he is Gods gift to women. Poor Kate, how does she explain all this to the kids, he should have to..Hey Jon, get a real job loser...




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