Jon Gosselin Purchases Bachelor Pad, Ready to Party

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Jon Gosselin isn't just telling pals he's ready to party; he's making that clear with the kind of girl he's now dating.

The father of eight is desperate to "feel young again," a friend says in the new issue of Us Weekly, while another source quotes an excited Jon as saying he's "bringing back my good ol' high school days!"

This time, though, the reality TV star doesn't need to chug cans of Milwaukee's Best in a friend's basement. He's purchased his very own bachelor pad in which he can live it up.

Playing Frisbee

Free from the constraints of his ex-wife, Jon Gosselin can now play Frisbee and have sex with younger women. Score!

Just prior to leaving for France with Hailey Glassman, Gosselin reportedly settled into a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

It's located in The Alexandria, a luxury building, complete with a doorman and a concierge. It has a small gym, a pool and a hot tub.

Based on Glassman's drug-loving past, fellow residents might wanna be on the lookout for shady characters in hooded sweatshirts, as well. We're just sayin.


check this out then!!


He loves his kids , huh? What kind of a father would purposefully be photographed with another woman so soon after leaving their mother? A jerk! Surely he has some kind of brain to realize that the older ones might see this on tv, on magazine racks at the store, on the internet??? But he doesn't care. HE's excited! He's starting a whole new chapter in his pathetic life. So what if he's hurting his family..IDIOT! Kate is better off...


well good in a way, kate was the cheating on him 1st that is wrong so look like he showed her


After I read the article in People about Jon Gosslelin I was pissed. What a JERK! Sure he cried about being in the "public eye" and have the papparazzi all around him. Now what does he do...he smiles for the camera, shows off his "fugly" new girlfriend. Seriously, what a JERK. Then he comes home and plays "Disney Dad" with his kids. How about when Kate is home all week long taking care of the kids and trying to answer their constant questions about "where is daddy?" Oh Daddy's off playing Mr. Playboy on the French Riviera. Well Jon I have just one thing to say... YOU SERIOUSLY LOST THE BEST PART OF YOUR LIFE. You are such a fool. One day you are going to wake up from you little "Mid-Life Crisis" and realize... Quit flaunting yourself all over the place. You know that your kids see that. Or don't you care!


Jon you will always be a faggot to me and right now you going to end up as hated as kevin ferdline
watch what you are doing because hailey is using you may not see it now but later on you will regret it


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