Jon Gosselin: My Heart is With Hailey Glassman

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Jon Gosselin may have been seen with Kate Major lately, but he says he is a one-woman man. That one woman is Hailey Glassman, of course, not his wife Kate.

"My heart is always with Hailey," the d-bag father of eight told Us Weekly at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets field in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Hello? Major Douchebag Here

Hailey Glassman, 22, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate Gosselin's free tummy tuck, as depicted on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The irony.

Jon and Hailey have been hitting it for a little while now, and went public on a romantic trip to St. Tropez. But then he sparked controversy with a couple of appearances with Kate Major in New York and in the Hamptons the following week.

She said they were dating. This was news to Hailey.

Gosselin says rumors of him being romantically involved with Major are lies and that dating multiple women is "not me." One woman while still married? All good.

Kate Major resigned from her job as a reporter at Star, citing a conflict of interest for "falling for him." Jon says they are just friends and Kate Major is a liar.

In any case, Jon Gosselin has been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, in Southampton for the past week. Talk about good for your image.

Yesterday afternoon, the troubled tandem went shopping at J.Crew, where Gosselin spent a hefty $423.05 on T-shirts, flip flops and boxer shorts.

Kate Major was not present.


I guess he wants to lose his kids. Because no judge in their right mind will let the man have 8 children around a druggie. If he insists on being with her, he will get visitations as long as she is not around. TOO BAD JON!!!


He didn't really say "I'm a one woman man" did he? What about the school teacher while still with Kate 1.0. Oh I guess that doesn't count, he is married to Kate 1.0 not dating her. Oh, ok, that clears it all up for us. This guy is such a geek. I hope Kate 1.0 and her lawyers are documenting all this trashy stuff he does, so when it comes to the divorce and visitation she can put he screws to him.
Wonder what the elder Glassman's really think of this a--hole? Not much I'm sure.


Seems like just last week this creep got caught cheating on his wife with that School teacher, Deana Hummel. Wait a mintue-- IT WAS LAST WEEK! What a track record this guy has- not even close to being divorced yet, and already THREE affairs that the Public knows about (plus whatever else action he's getting on the side!)


I hope he continues to make himself look like an a$$


I don't blame Jon one bit for leaving Kate. Those two didn't have any friends or family. It's just weird not to have any type of a social life for being so young. Even the kids don't have friends, they just play with each other all of the time. I haven't heard any info that Kate has girlfriends that she sees. She goes on trips by herself or with the kids. It's just not normal. At least Jon has some type of a social life now. I think Kate didn't want anyone involved in their lives.

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