Jon Gosselin: My Heart is With Hailey Glassman

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Jon Gosselin may have been seen with Kate Major lately, but he says he is a one-woman man. That one woman is Hailey Glassman, of course, not his wife Kate.

"My heart is always with Hailey," the d-bag father of eight told Us Weekly at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets field in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Hello? Major Douchebag Here

Hailey Glassman, 22, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate Gosselin's free tummy tuck, as depicted on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The irony.

Jon and Hailey have been hitting it for a little while now, and went public on a romantic trip to St. Tropez. But then he sparked controversy with a couple of appearances with Kate Major in New York and in the Hamptons the following week.

She said they were dating. This was news to Hailey.

Gosselin says rumors of him being romantically involved with Major are lies and that dating multiple women is "not me." One woman while still married? All good.

Kate Major resigned from her job as a reporter at Star, citing a conflict of interest for "falling for him." Jon says they are just friends and Kate Major is a liar.

In any case, Jon Gosselin has been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, in Southampton for the past week. Talk about good for your image.

Yesterday afternoon, the troubled tandem went shopping at J.Crew, where Gosselin spent a hefty $423.05 on T-shirts, flip flops and boxer shorts.

Kate Major was not present.


Jon is an asshole. I dont care what anyone says, watching the shows he didnt seem too interested in being there. He should appreciate Kate to the fullest- SHE CARRIED ALL 6 children. Her body went thru so much just for him. I hope he catches an STD from that dirty slut. What gives him the right to have all these women around like that? CLEARLY he has no respect for his wife. Jon is a BASTARD!!!!


I don't know why so many people are so "anti" Jon. Personally I don't give a rats bottom about them and fail to see why they recieve soooo much media coverage however, I most certainly do not blame him one iota for wanting to break away from kate, she is (was) a terrible wife and not a particulaly good mother (who the hell puts a sick child on the floor of the utility room???)she tried to own and control Jon for way too long..and lost....suck it up Kate...I can't STAND to hear her loud aggresive voice or see her overly made up face..she makes me sick!! grabbing,child exploiting,overbearing and downright poor excuse for a human being.......she is getting exactly what she deserves and when those children are older and they watch old tapes of this waste of time melodrama they will be disgusted at the way she conducted and controlled everybodys lives


I don't get what all of these girls see in him?! He looks like a geeky middle aged teenager with a Buda belly.... mind you, he's also unemployed- since he decided he no longer wants to be a full time father. It makes me mad that he feels like parenting is something that you can opt out of, even if you've already had kids. His statement that he just wanted to be "Jon" and not Jon and Kate plus 8 anymore, made me want to smack him. Newsflash! Dude, you have 8 kids, grow a pair and own up to your responsibilities. You will at a minimum be "Jon plus 8" for the rest of your life.


I wonder if Jon has really thought of the financial ramifications of his decision to leave his wife and kids??!!! It has to be said that as the party who decided to leave the marriage and his kids one has got wonder how much child support he is going to have to pay Kate?!! based on his present spending habits he outta be broke real soon. Jon we all used to feel sorry for you now we all see you as a guy who is living off the profits your family made and not some thing you earned all by yourself just imagine how much you are going to have to pay back when a judge gets a hold of you!!!!


i thought john was a good guy until now... I feel sooo sorry for poor kate and the kids they dont deserve that how could he go around town with all these women when his still MARRIED. what kind of rolemodel is he to his childern?


Jon cheated (for sure!) on his wife and had some fast fun with an easy chick who would never have looked at him twice if he wasn't famous. Life was too rough having to -omg!- care for his kids ALL THE TIME! He needed an outlet where some slutty gold-digger would fawn all over him. Yeah, Kate's bossy, but don't tell me he didn't know that when he married her. And they had 8 dang kids! Someone had to run the show. Jon wasn't smart enough or motivated enough to always get stuff done, Kate's type-A, so she was bossy. That doesn't give a "one-woman man" the right to cheat on his wife. Hailey Glassman is a nasty slut and Jon deserves her AND whatever STD he gets from her!!


I feel bad for kate. She is all stressed out.But Kate is bossy and yells at Jon alot. It is hard to have 8 kids and be bossed around by Kate. It is nice that Hailey is nice to the kids. If I was Hailey I would be nice 2 Kate not mean.


I don't care if people thought Kate was bossy. Someone has to be to raise 8 kids. If Jon had a problem with her taking the lead he should have had a spine and told her about it. If you absolutely (after trying marriage counselling) must split up, at least have some class in the way you proceed with your life. He is only proving what a piece of garbage he really is.


I think Jon needs to grow up. Kate is gorgeous. He was lucky to have her. Sure she is bossy. You try rearing eight kids. I hope Kate finds a great guy.


Really... Who cares!!!Why is this news. These peoples private lives are being played out in public. This a sad world we live in.

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