Jon Gosselin: Kate Major is a Liar!

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According to sources reportedly close to Jon Gosselin, he says that he never had a relationship with celebrity gossip reporter Kate Major and was "tricked" by her.

Hailey Glassman can breathe a huge cloud of marijuana smoke sigh of relief.

Major suddenly resigned from Star Thursday after announcing to the world a night earlier that she was romantically involved with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad.

Jon is reportedly distraught, however, over Kate Major's claims that they are an item, telling a close pal that despite her statements, this is not the case.

"Oh my God, I can't believe she did this to me," Gosselin told the source, quoted by Radar Online. "What do I do? She's totally (bleeping) me over?"

Whatever their relationship is, Jon and Kate Major had dinner with Michael Lohan and Jill Zarin in the Hamptons this week. Michael told Radar, the same source, that Jon and Kate slept at his house on Long Island that evening.

Jon also went to dinner with Kate Major last Saturday night, as she wanted to get details for a story she was writing. But her announcement that they were romantically involved and sudden resignation from her job caught him off guard.

"She just wanted to put herself in the spotlight," the source said.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Major

Is Kate Major using Jon Gosselin for fame? Is the sky blue? Is the object of her affection a douchebag who likes Ed Hardy t-shirts and bluetooths? [Photo: Splash News Online]

The 26-year-old Major, who said she is "falling for Jon Gosselin" despite not intending for it to happen, is not exactly getting support from those who know her.

Her dad refused comment when asked about his daughter’s relationship with Jon Gosselin, saying, "No comment. I don't want to be involved in this whatsoever.”

Jon has been dating stoner party girl and family friend Hailey Glassman, 22, who said she had no knowledge of a romantic relationship between Jon and Major.

While he's out possibly giving it to every mediocre girl in sight, the other Kate in his life (his grating ex-wife) took two of her daughters, 8-year-old twins Cara and Mady, to see the Jonas Brothers last night at their concert in Philadelphia.

The trio and one of the twins' friends arrived at the show, which started shortly after 7 p.m., in a black stretch limo. Kate Gosselin had no comment on her Ed Hardy-loving, hair-plugged, douchebag estranged husband's sexual exploits.


They are both fools, plain & simple!! The only ones that should be felt sorry for is those children. Both of them are gonna one day have to explain their moronic immature actions to those kids. Jon has no balls & Kate is just a plastic person from all the surgeries.


jon gosslin is an idiot...yuk


Guess money is more important than the children. Get off the show, grow up and keep the family togerther. Kate YOU need help.I sure would hate to live with some one like you. Marriage is 5


I feel bad for him. It must be difficult to go through life without either a penis or a backbone.


This might sound horrible but I am glad this is all going public. I am going through a way too familiar situation, only one child though, and it makes me feel better to know that I didn't marry the only a**hole! Guys do this a lot after divorce. I kow mine did and I never would have believed anyone if they told me he would do this. Jon, funny my ex has the same name, is a dirtbag. If it was really about the kids why would he be so focused on his d*ck? I know not all men are like this but too many are. He deserves all the rumors and crap talked about him. Try fixing your life and setting a good example for your kids! Poor kiddo's


Jon makes me sick. I don't know why people were feeling sorry for him when he and Kate were together. I think Kate did her best to keep her family together the best way she could. I still don't know how she does it with so many kids. Kate I think you are amazing mom and never loosing focus on what really matters which are those kids. Jon is a real sleeze bag to put it midly. He always seemed miserable in the show and I can see why he couldnt wait to leave his wife and kids so he can live the life of a real dog.


jon really is ugly and hailey glassman is even uglier. kate his wife doesnt need him, i think she's better off without him. but i can tell you that the show does suck now. its not interesting at all. jon ur a horrible husband and becoming a HORRIBLE father!


Ummmm....the only reason Jon cancelled his interview is because he knows he totally looks like an idiot! Which, by the way, he is. If I have to choose sides, it would Kates. She has done what she's needed to do. YOu don't see her out there jetting all over the place like she's some big shot. He has made a fool of himself. He doesn't even mesh well with these people. He's a short, round, going bald man, having a mid-life crisis. Put your kids first Jon, follow Kates lead. Apparentley they are divorcing because she was tired of the ninth child. He is claiming fame off of his children. SHAME, SHAME on YOU!


as a celb myself I have never seen this act in my own country for me Jon is an idiot rude and selfish...i bet he was cheating on kate from the start and left poor kate alone but i feel more sorry for the kids.


I guess I see why Kate was forced to file for divorce.

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