Jon Gosselin Denies Cheating on Kate with Hailey Glassman

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A source says Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman, his new girlfriend, did not begin their romance until after his wife Kate filed for divorce June 20.

They were acquaintances long before that, but were nothing more until he was officially separated (Jon boning Deanna Hummel is a different matter).

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In any case, when Hailey Glassman visited her parents in New City, N.Y., on May 4, she had a surprise of her own: Jon Gosselin was crashing there.

Jon is a family friend of Hailey's dad, plastic surgeon Lawrence Glassman, who performed Kate's tummy tuck following the birth of her sextuplets.

He was staying at the Glassmans to escape the tensions at home with Kate in Wernersville, Pa. According to a source close to the reality TV dad, "Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike."

The source, clearly trying to make Jon look like slightly less of a d!ck amid photos of him flaunting his ditz girlfriend in St. Tropez and rumors he bought a ring for Glassman already, claims he and Kate actually split last year:

"She said she wanted her life. She said she was done. Out of the blue."

This account doesn't jibe with reports of Jon Gosselin and his new, classy play thing being seen together May 24, but hey, what's a little revisionist history?

Soon afterwards, Jon Gosselin moved out of the couple's bedroom and slept elsewhere in the house – and started going out to clubs and bars.

As trouble at home grew unavoidable, Jon moved out of the main house and into the apartment above the Gosselins' three-car garage.

At some point after their separation, Jon began dating Hailey Glassman, who was recently revealed to be a fan of hard partying and tag-team action.

Nowadays, Jon and Kate only converse about their kids.

And now that he has scored a bachelor pad in New York City, expect to see Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin spending time together in Manhattan.


NO matter what any one says jon and Kate NEED to wotk things out! i dont think anyone cares about how in love u are with Hailey him and kate r perfect so she didnt treat him right on the show out side they truly loved each other and deep down im sure the still do like jon said one the show it may be a big family but its OUR family doesnt that mean anything to him!!


I would hope Jon would use better judgement then he has been. Dating a 22 year old and only a month since he filed for divorce. He needs to get out of his mid-life crisis and become the father he should be. One that puts his children first and would not let any women possibly cause him to lose the children he claims he loves and puts first. If Hailey's past history is true to what is being said, then Jon surley could lose custody of his children. And his children will not be proud of their 32 year old father dating a 22 year old girl.


wow i doubt that he would chose that drunkee over his kids

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