Jon Gosselin: Dating Hailey Glassman!

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Deanna Hummel who? Apparently moving on from wife Kate and the mistress that wrecked his marriage, Jon Gosselin has been cozying up to Hailey Glassman, 22.

Radar Online quotes a source saying Jon and Hailey are "definitely in love."

Guess Jon's profile can be retired (in the dating Hall of Fame).

"They are planning a romantic trip to Paris in the next couple of weeks. And Hailey is going to start a shoe line. She is into fashion," the Radar source said.

Another friend of the young cutie says that Hailey Glassman has changed her status on Facebook to "in a relationship." Well, that's the clincher right there!

Glassman is the hard-partying spawn of plastic surgeon Lawrence Glassman, who performed Kate Gosselin's tummy-tuck surgery (seen on Jon & Kate Plus 8).

Hailey was busted by cops for possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil in 2005. A male friend called her "one of the most wild women I've ever met."

Here's a photo that will corroborate that assessment ...

Hailey Glassman Picture

This is Hailey Glassman. The one on the left. Looking a bit drunk and unstable. Holding a gun at the head of what appears to be a friend. Hot stuff. [Photo: Radar Online]

On May 24, Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman were spotted at Bourbon Street bar in Nyack, N.Y., and were caught on surveillance video enjoying drinks.

As they left the watering hole, Jon was accosted by a photographer and fled through the back alley, cell phone in hand (and probably Bluetooth in ear).

But it's all good now. He and Kate Gosselin have officially separated, and he is now free to chase whatever tail he desires. Meanwhile, Kate made a whirlwind trip to Hollywood this week, presumably to pursue some sort of ... we have no idea.

Seriously, who wants to pay Kate Gosselin to do anything these days?

Nevertheless, she flew into L.A. Monday and checked herself at the posh Bel-Air hotel. She spent most of her time lounging by the pool and was spotted having lunch with a pair of women on Wednesday, then driving to Burbank for meetings.

The mulleted one flew back home to Wernersville, Pa. late Wednesday.


THE DOUCHE BAG AWARD GOES TO JON GOSSELIN! He doesn't even have enough common sense to wait until the divorce is over. Doesn't he realize that his two oldest kids are old enough to see/hear what he is doing. So he doesn't want to be married anymore.... bigdeal.. he is still a father. He needs to get over his ugly ass self and be a good father.


It won't last long...Jon isn't into making money....just spending it! With the economy like it is, he is being very irresponsible to run off with a 20-something to France. HE MAKES NO MONEY. He also has 8 kids to raise and a whopping mortgage. Nothing like living way beyond your means....what a spoiled brat. Favorite show Jon? Why it's the Hawaii show - you know, the one where you renewed your wedding vows with your WIFE. ONE YEAR AGO! I can't stand him..I feel sorry for Kate - he was just another child for her to keep up with.


Jon's kids will read about these type of articles in the future and they will come to understand that it was HIS needs that were his first priority.


I'm sick in tried of all these people saying "oh kate treated him like a kid or she was mean to him". All this piece of crap man had to do is stand up for himself a long time ago. It takes to people. GROW SOME BALLS YOU PIECE OF SHIT. INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR LITTLE GIRLS TO PLAY WITH.


What a rotten scumbage Jon is. Cheating on his lovely wife and 8 children. Don't blame Kate for being bossy or anything else, he was just looking for an excuse. If you really love your wife and family you don't make excuses to cheat. Jon, you are a real dirtbag and your girlfriend is a real winner! You two deserve each other - - jerks.


he likes them white girls!


Isnt it amazing that we stoop to this ridiculous level and assume that we know whats going on between these two individuals by reading tabloids? They are just like the rest of the world, yet for just one second we want to feel better then them.


where are the kids?


Good for Jon, he got away from that horrible woman. Kate could serve as a good example to women what not to be as a wife and mother (you can tell her kids hate her too, they just can't get away, YET) Oh by the way, WHERE IS STEVE?


Pardon my ignorance, but seriously, who on earth is this little girl? I have never heard of her.I guess I have a full life, so up until a week ago or so, I didn't know who Julia Roberts was, either.

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