Joe Jackson: Omer Bhatti is Michael's Son!

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Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating that a Norwegian dancer, Omer Bhatti, is the secret son of Michael Jackson, a love child resulting from the King of Pop's one-night stand with his mother, Pia Bhatti, a quarter-century ago.

Speculation then increased when photos surfaced of Omer Bhatti sitting with Jackson's brothers at his memorial service July 7, and when it was revealed that Bhatti lived at Neverland Ranch with Jackson when he was a kid.

But last week, according to The Mirror (UK), Omer said that while he and the star were very close, and he was "like a son" to him, they are not related.

That made sense ... at least as much as anything regarding Michael Jackson can. But now, Michael's insane father, Joe, is weighing in on the subject.

In an interview with NewsOne, Joe Jackson is now saying Michael Jackson is the father of Omer Bhatti, and that he always knew Omer as his son.

Compelling, yes. But there are a couple of problems with this account:

  1. Joe Jackson is typically not lucid.
  2. When Joe Jackson does have a coherent thought, it more than likely is based around a shameless attempt to cash in on someone or something.

More than likely, Joe either has no clue where he is at this moment, or is angling to make money off of this story somehow. A pimp always finds a way.

The kid himself has explained the relationship with Michael, and with a lack of anything more concrete to go on, it's still hard to believe that the 25-year-old is the secret love child of Michael Jackson. Oh, and Omer Bhatti is WHITE, people.

Here's the recent Joe Jackson interview in question ...


hoppity hop piss off those are his kids and it don't matter whether its biological or not in every way that counts THEY ARE and YES HE DID LOVE HIS THREE CHILDREN MORE THAN ANYTHING i am not so sure Omer is his though and you can't trust anything that Joe says but we will see soon enuf, I love you Michael Jackson and you will always be in my heart and alwaays be king of pop and Jill suggesting Katherine's egg might be what conceived blanket is ridiculos and how do you know he aint the babby daddy huh? you don't it is just your opinion


First thing...Katherine and Joe Jackson are NOT divorced, just separated. Secondly, Michael did not officially adopt any of his egg/sperm donated children. Omer doesn't look like the real Michael at all, remember those saying he has Michael's nose, chin, etc...or what ever...Michael had PLASTIC SUGERY to look like that, including the cleft in his chin. Look back at Michael's childhood photos. He had a broad nose and not a cleft chin back then. When you have plastic surgery it does not change your DNA to make your children look like your post-plastic surgery self. Sheesh. Also...Michael's 3 children that are listed in his Will are all 100% white as they had both a white surrogate Mom and a white sperm donor dad.


Why is it that people are calling Omer 'white' yet the general consensus is that Barrack Obama is 'black'? They both look the same to me - it seems that people see what they want to see when it suits their argument. (As in "Obama is the first 'Black' president!!!).


There are many children born to two black parents that are white. Black people can give birth to children of all colors. That is in the DNA of being black.


JEAN you are hilarious and insane LOL. Firstly before you go SCREAMING and making speeches you should collect some facts. Michael is not at Neverland.... Jermaine is still campaigning to have him rest there. Secondly, i'm not saying Omer is his child, but there are no DIRET quotes from Omer Bhatti himself. He has not made any statements or interviews. Thirdly i don't think you are the right source to comment on what basis Katherine divorced her husband. One more thing........are you twelve?




im sorry but i disagree. how can you find fault with peter pan lol lol hey has anybody seen wendy. and has any body found his nose ive herd its wrapped up in a white glove in never never land and maybe alice and wonderland will find it thru her looking glass, rip peter lol will keep looking for your nose.......... breaking news .... joe jackson has nose.. go figure lol


yes i agree ken he was a fagot and a pedifile,that got away with it. it goes to show you what money can buy. if oj can get by with murder then wacko jacko can get away with molestation


kids were adopted mj was gay and a pedifile live with it people rip mj elton john-freddy mercury adam lambert to name a few, thay all did not have to hide there identity. p.s why do you think he was labled wacko jacko the botton line hear is he was just a rich fucking fagot that should have called him self the drag qween of pop


Uhm...Omer is WHITE? How do you KNOW since the man's father is in question??? I'm not saying that MJ is - I'm questioning why anyone who is passing as a journalist would not know that a) bi-racial people can be very dark, very fair or everything in-between, and b) Since the kids we know are MJ's also have white mothers (at least two anyway), then what makes you think they cannot declare themselves to be white???

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