Joe Jackson: Omer Bhatti is Michael's Son!

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Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating that a Norwegian dancer, Omer Bhatti, is the secret son of Michael Jackson, a love child resulting from the King of Pop's one-night stand with his mother, Pia Bhatti, a quarter-century ago.

Speculation then increased when photos surfaced of Omer Bhatti sitting with Jackson's brothers at his memorial service July 7, and when it was revealed that Bhatti lived at Neverland Ranch with Jackson when he was a kid.

But last week, according to The Mirror (UK), Omer said that while he and the star were very close, and he was "like a son" to him, they are not related.

That made sense ... at least as much as anything regarding Michael Jackson can. But now, Michael's insane father, Joe, is weighing in on the subject.

In an interview with NewsOne, Joe Jackson is now saying Michael Jackson is the father of Omer Bhatti, and that he always knew Omer as his son.

Compelling, yes. But there are a couple of problems with this account:

  1. Joe Jackson is typically not lucid.
  2. When Joe Jackson does have a coherent thought, it more than likely is based around a shameless attempt to cash in on someone or something.

More than likely, Joe either has no clue where he is at this moment, or is angling to make money off of this story somehow. A pimp always finds a way.

The kid himself has explained the relationship with Michael, and with a lack of anything more concrete to go on, it's still hard to believe that the 25-year-old is the secret love child of Michael Jackson. Oh, and Omer Bhatti is WHITE, people.

Here's the recent Joe Jackson interview in question ...


Amber ur also a dumbass. Micheal never bleached his skin. He had vitiglo. Its a disease that destroys the pigmentation of the skin.


hes chin was already like that.
you can see it on his pictures waaaay back then, we just never notice it.
its very noticeable now because he got skinnier and plus he got older. but he still looked good
he always has =]
rip mj


And Stephanie, Michael had his cleft chin created, he was not born with it!!! So camparinf chins to prove paternity is dumb.


JoJo - Micheal is not white!!! He is african american, black. Born to BLACK PARENTS!!! And Maria, vitiligo does not change your DNA dummy, it just changes your appearance. DNA cannot be altered. And another thing, why are people comparing his childrens and this supposed "love childs" photo to photo's of michael after his skin turned and numerous facial surgeries? That's just dumb because the man appearance was altered whether it was purposely or not. If you want to compare photos of him and anyone claiming to be his child, use photo's of him when he was a child, before the skin change and the surgeries. The media can be so dumb sometimes and sadly the public follows.


Honestly speaking Prince, Paris, Prince 2,Omer, none of these people look anything like Michael JackSon or anyone in their family, unless it was an old slave master JACKSON, I do not see any features that could link these children to Michael, But Michael loved them all, so very much. And he said that his children resemble his grandfather NO they do not I have seem bother grandfathers,paternal and maternal, they do not!


Just sorta scanning through the comments, and I see everyone has a lot of miss information. I suggest research. I have learned a lot about Michael Jackson since he died, LIke I really did not know he was so very ill, that really made me sad, because I love him so. The sort of help that he received was so tacky to me, my goodness, no medical provider could do no better with his pain management, and information, that he recieved.


Michael had vitaligo, he did not just bleach his skin first, the disease makes blotches, and really makes the skin look odd. banishing cream may help to even out some areas of the body,but normally it is never that strong,to get that great of results.
I feel Michael, would never father a child an keep that child a secret, Michael Jackson wanted children so very much. To the person,who feels because Omer is white, well PRINCE PARIS PRINCE, are they not white,cause they are white to me.Why they are so white who knows, maybe they are not black, and if they are not black then I guess you know they could not biologically be Michael's, but he loved so much and wanted them to be here so it really does not matter.


Who cares if he have another son. MJ was the greatest of all time.


Joe refers to him as this boy , If this was MJ's son it would be his grandson?


JEAN what a nutter m.j is not at neverland and amber yeah he bleached his skin but not by choice he did it bcos of his skin disorder Vitiligo so his skin wouldn't look reali odd but Joe is aa tosser and an oppotunist prick and lier

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