Joe Jackson: Omer Bhatti is Michael's Son!

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Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating that a Norwegian dancer, Omer Bhatti, is the secret son of Michael Jackson, a love child resulting from the King of Pop's one-night stand with his mother, Pia Bhatti, a quarter-century ago.

Speculation then increased when photos surfaced of Omer Bhatti sitting with Jackson's brothers at his memorial service July 7, and when it was revealed that Bhatti lived at Neverland Ranch with Jackson when he was a kid.

But last week, according to The Mirror (UK), Omer said that while he and the star were very close, and he was "like a son" to him, they are not related.

That made sense ... at least as much as anything regarding Michael Jackson can. But now, Michael's insane father, Joe, is weighing in on the subject.

In an interview with NewsOne, Joe Jackson is now saying Michael Jackson is the father of Omer Bhatti, and that he always knew Omer as his son.

Compelling, yes. But there are a couple of problems with this account:

  1. Joe Jackson is typically not lucid.
  2. When Joe Jackson does have a coherent thought, it more than likely is based around a shameless attempt to cash in on someone or something.

More than likely, Joe either has no clue where he is at this moment, or is angling to make money off of this story somehow. A pimp always finds a way.

The kid himself has explained the relationship with Michael, and with a lack of anything more concrete to go on, it's still hard to believe that the 25-year-old is the secret love child of Michael Jackson. Oh, and Omer Bhatti is WHITE, people.

Here's the recent Joe Jackson interview in question ...


For those who did not see the Baseer interview with MJ, Michael told him his sperm was used to make his children and also said that Blanket's mom was a Black woman. He said he wouldn't tell her identity because he did not want her worried by the press. This is how MJ protected people. Too me MJ's children look mixed..not truly White but light complexioned.


MJ did not want people to know what he did not want them to know. It is possible that Omar is a secret child....and promised to keep it secret. Why would Joe like about something like that? All families have secrets and if Omar is what? It does not change anything. Michael did get inspiration for "Bill Jean" from somewhere! In any case I hope that Omar and all the children have good lives...that's what is important. PS. When white and black mix the coloring of the children can be light to brown, it just a toss up in the gene pool, and Omar looks olive-toned to me.


Regardless of whether or not Omer Bhatti IS Michael Jackson's secret love child, it is certainly NOT OKAY for a TOOL BAG like Joe Jackson to be putting it out there. I want to scream at that asshole for everything he has done past and present, and I wish HE were dead or at the very least would just shut the fuck up and stay out of the spotlight. Does he really think it's okay to get into his own son's business when he was left out of the damn will and told to stay away from his own grandchildren? I'd spit on your grave a thousand times before ever believing or respecting a thing you say, Joe Jackson.


Paris...I NEVER said Katherine's egg was used to create Blanket. That's stupid and even weirder than anything Jackson could have done. Katherine is Michael's Mom...yuck. If you read my post, I said it's possible that maybe Bhatti's Mother was the egg donor for Blanket...thus that would make Bhatti Blanket's half brother...but NOT Michael's biological son. Bhatti's Mother is Pia, who worked as Michael Jackson's first nanny, taking care of Prince. Joe can't put his hands on Paris and the two Prince Michael's, so he is going to try and cash in using Bhatti as the new King of Pop. I doubt there will ever be a DNA test, as that would end the speculation and Joe is making money off of it.


I am making this clear.......... Omer Bhatti IS like my older brother!!!! I miss daddy. I am having fun because I am with a rich FAMILY.


DNA - anybody heard of that? Of course not, the way people are educated today they don't know shit from shinola! They would rather speculate and keep the rumor mill greased. BORING!


okay the child tat is saying tat i m not his secret son so how can this man can say tat he is his son...and wait wait....dancing,singign or any other thing like this dosent come heriditary okay so plzzzzzz just stop this bull shit.... 1. joe how much money are u getting for this stament....?(i really wanna know).....bcoz as i m a big fan of late michael jackson i cannot hear any thing against him and this is wat against plz i m more concern about him better than u...... 2. ppl get a life when tat child have stated tat he is not his son so tat means tat he is not his son...! and we r not hear to judge any one bcoz for tat God is always their and this is his job to let tat man rest in peace....
he already had so much of tourchours in this world .... so y dont u ppl leave him now.....






love ur comment JAY. Totally agree.

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