Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey to Reunite?

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Nick Lachey recently parted ways with Vanessa Minnillo.

Jessica Simpson recently got dumped by Tony Romo.

OMG, that means they are both single at the same time! They are definitely gonna get back together then! It's just a matter of when! They are perfect together!

It's a slow celebrity gossip day, apparently.

Still, we would have expected Us to lead with "Jon and His Bimbo" (Hailey Glassman) rather than a made-up story about the former Newlyweds stars reconciling.

Seriously, that's their cover story ...

A SECOND CHANCE ... for Us to sell magazines at least.

Apparently, the divorcees are "haunted by secret feelings" and Jessica realizes "she let a great guy get away." This after she got dumped an entire week ago.

Really, do you think they have even spoken in that time? And she has already stopped missing Tony, who she dated for a year in a half, and begun pining for Nick, who she divorced more than three years ago and split from even longer ago?

We doubt it. We are also disappointed better Jessica Simpson pictures were not selected for the cover. Cleavage sells, guys. You're welcome for the tip.

But we digress. Maybe we'll be totally wrong and they will live happily ever after. Thoughts? Should Jessica and Nick get back together?


And with them two being engaged nearly at the same time... maybe it's a sign..before they both start new lives with new partners.. I was with my bf for two years and we split up and we reunited.. that flame was there but it wasnt the same.. i knew then it was meant to be.. if they have the same exact feelings, flame, spark as when they did when the first looked at each other for the very first time.. then maybe.. just maybe


I have a feeling Nick and Jessica are meant to be.. To test that theory.. Nick and Jessica should get togather for a day and see if any real feelings come back into play but if not then it just wasn't meant... Plz Nick and Jessica.. Stop running..


they are perfect together. they should going back togethet!!!!!!!!!!


I miss nick and jess being together jess rlly loved him n he loved her i think they should get baq together bt nex time dont let the press be up your business jus stay sweet like how y'all were


I hope nick and Jessica make it back with each other I have too say they were sooooo cute together and on MTV shows may god Bless them and there new life together!!!!!!!!
Linda Olivas


these two are adorable!
i hope they get back together!


Now its time for her new guy Hollywoods Superstar agent
of The Rich and famous Http;//
Will Jessica Fall in Love with him..............


Run, Nick Run! lol. (felt sorry for tony at the last golfing event, he was playing for charity, next thing, jessica was singing and joe was playing too!!!!) Run, Nick run!


im sohappy they brokeup now dal can win


RUN, Nick, RUN!! Jessica had her chance and she blew it!!

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